Which YouTube Channels are Child Friendly?

With technology proving to be very popular with the younger generation it can be hard to keep your children off of their devices, however, what you should be thinking about is shielding them from the inappropriate content that is available online and making sure that they are only looking at things that are appropriate for your children’s age group. Youtube in particular is very popular with children with millions of craters creating family-friendly content and videos that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

It is very unfortunate that not every channel on Youtube is as thoughtful with what they are uploading and there are a lot of people out there who you wouldn’t approve of your child watching. To monitor this situation you can set up a child filter that will only allow your child access to content that is deemed family-friendly.


Louise Pentland

Lousie Pentland is a creator whose channel is primarily aimed towards mums and their children, many fans of Louise admit that they watch her videos along with their children as her bubbly personality and relatable approach to life is something that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Louise herself has two young children who are featured in many of her videos which can provide peace of mind to parents that there is nothing inappropriate about the content she is producing. If you’re looking for a new Youtube channel to enjoy with your family without having to worry about things like swearing and inappropriate behavior then I would highly recommend that you give Louise a watch, she is also a big supporter of enforcing the correct way to buy views on youtube which can be seen through her hard work and drive to create a family-friendly platform.



Zoella is another Youtube creator that would be considered child friendly, she has been around on Youtube for some time and the fact that she has remained in the spotlight in terms of creating high-quality content that is suitable for children adds a level of trust between the creator and the viewer. Zoella covers a wide range of topics on her channel from cooking to makeup tips and tricks to simply showing her life on her vlogs. Even though she covers a wide range of stuff you can be sure that her channel is very child-friendly without any offensive language and behavior is shown. Zoe has been commended on her positive outlook on life and how she creates videos that are suitable for a wide variety of age groups, it just shows that you don’t need to be aggressive or controversial to be popular.


Alfie Deyes

The final channel on this list that I would deem to be child-safe would be Alfie Deyes, he is another creator who appeals to a wide variation in terms of age group as he covers many topics while remaining very child friendly in the language and behavior he exhibits. Alfie much like Zoella has had his channel for many years and it has been very successful for him, the fact that he is still so popular and successful shows how respected he is in the industry and that he clearly knows what he is doing working on an online platform. His videos range from daily vlogs to reviews and testing videos, but one thing that you can be surrey of is that you will not find any offensive language on his channel and that you can leave your children to watch his content with peace of mind that they are not going to be exposed to anything that they shouldn’t be.