When To Start Potty Training Boys

While dealing with boys, you have to firstly understand that they have some surplus energy in them always. Also, they do not possess some of the common sense that girls have even when they are kids. It is obvious that as far as potty training is concerned, it could get quite daunting for guys when compared to girls. It is a known fact that boys learn later, take longer time to learn things and face more problems than girls do.

When To Start Potty Training Boys?

On an average, boys are mostly prepared for potty training when they reach two and a half years of age. Girls are naturally a bit faster in this case. It is very important to handle this subject with utter care and gentleness. The stages of terminating the usage of diapers and going to the bathroom alone even at night require patience and constant guidance. It usually takes a few weeks for your son to become acquainted with this habit. It takes a bit longer to train him to go out of the house without diapers.

Who Should Take The Initiative?

The boy’s mother, father, grandparents and caregiver can start potty training boys. However, it is advisable that dads choose this responsibility of potty training the boy. This is because being a boy himself proves to be extremely beneficial in teaching sons about potty training.

Ensuring An Easy Potty Training

How to potty train a boy seems to be a tough question to answer. The principal aim should be to enter the mind of our little one to ensure that he starts using the potty and toilet with no hesitation at all. Before you start the training, it is imperative to know that your son is ready for the lessons.

Timing is absolutely critical in giving the guy potty training. If you get the timing correct, you would be able to complete this training successfully in a short period of time with hardly any accidents. If your timing is wrong, the entire process would become stressful and tedious.

When Is Your Son Considered To Be Ready?

20 months is the minimum age for potty training. The signs that your lad is ready to start potty training include the ability to sit, stand and walk confidently and without any difficulties. If the diaper of your kid remains dry for 180 minutes and his bowel movements get regular, he can be given potty training. Your child should be able to climb the stairs and go to the bathroom if you have a toilet upstairs.

When it comes to mental readiness, your child should be able to say “I want to go to the toilet”. Sometimes, kids exhibit curiosity when other people go to the bathroom. He would tell you that his diaper has got unclean. If he stops what he is doing in order to poop in the diaper and squats or hides away, he can be started with potty training. Kids even tell their guardians that they are peeing in the diaper. When they are ready for potty training, they get interested to sit on the potty and flush the toilet. They even start behaving a bit maturely and wish to try big-boy underpants.

When Are You Said To Be Prepared?

The important mantra relevant here is “Do not rush”. It is really very enticing to see the day when your kid is no longer in diapers but the kid should not be pushed into doing it. Once your son has faced successful peeing or pooping once or twice, do not start the potty training. Make sure this training session does not lead to unnecessary stress in your life or give your son the feeling of a failure.

If you are facing busy schedules or you are going to change your house, do not consider potty training your child. Start the training when your life is settled and you are having a normal routine. If your child resists your efforts, immediately back off. You should realize that you can only influence and manage potty training but it is not really possible to control it.

How To Proceed With The Training?

Figure out the personality of your son whether it is impulsive, rebellious or calm. According to that, devise the plan of your potty training. You cannot measure how long it would take. The time period ranges from few weeks to months or even more. Plan a tentative time frame for the training. When you wish to train your child regarding his bowel habits, select an area free from distractions. The less the distractions, the easier it would be to teach him. Focus is one of the integral parts of this training.

You can take help of dolls that wet to demonstrate the method. According to the comfort of your child, you should choose the potty chair. You should appreciate the child during the training process. For this, you should tell him that everyone would be equally delighted on hearing the success of this training. You can include his mother, grandfather, grandmother, most loved friends or even fictional characters like Santa Claus and television characters. Share the advantages of being trained for pee and potty with the kid.

You can even give him some time off, without clothes. If your kid is naked, he would be able to make out the need of peeing or pooping much easily. As long as your child is getting successfully trained for potty, it should not worry you that the floor is getting soiled. You can cover the floor with plastics too. You can be watchful and see his behavior while peeing and pooping. These signs can be used later to tell him that he should go to potty.

Make sure your child remains constantly excited in learning about it. Use some fun tactics for the same. You can even give him gifts, chocolates or anything he loves when he gets trained successfully.

Getting independent and free from diapers is a matter of dignity for kids and they would surely learn this sooner or later. Do not get disheartened if your elder kid or other kids around him have already given up diapers. Your kid too would not go to school in diapers. Be patient and deal with this prudently.

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