Great Mobile Games Appropriate for your Children

Gaming is one of the most popular and successful parts of the entertainment industry. Gaming has been transformed since the first online game was invented, this was a simple game based on the old math game Nim and only around 50,000 people played it. Now, gaming has been transformed and the games are complex, the graphics are amazing and there are millions of people playing various games worldwide. Mobile gaming has become the next big thing, as people have had so much more time during the lockdown, people have been spending more hours daily on their phones. This has meant that people have downloaded more mobile games and spent longer playing them. Mobile games are a good way to keep your child occupied as there are so many out there and most are free to play so your child will never get bored. As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that any mobile games your child is playing have been appropriate for them, if you’re unsure then we’ve found some child-friendly games you can download for your child. 

Story Games

If you’re wanting to find a game for your child that’s going to keep them occupied for a long time then story games would be the best for this. Story games involve completing a long main story and there are usually lots of side quests available to complete too. These games take the longest to complete, for example, it would take your child a long time to learn everything you need to know about KvK in Rise of Kingdoms, an extremely popular and child-friendly mobile game. 

Puzzle Games

There are plenty of free puzzle games available for children to play and if you’re downloading games on your device for your child to play these are great as you can play them when you’re bored too. This type of game is great for your child’s development as studies have shown that puzzle games help to increase a child’s brainpower and it’s a great feeling completing a puzzle. Some of the most popular puzzle games include sudoku and minesweeper. 

Classic Games

Classic games have become classics for a reason. Even though these games were developed and released such a long time ago, they have consistently been played enough to keep them popular and relevant. These games will probably be very nostalgic to you and it could be a great way to bond with your child as they’ll be playing the games that you grew up playing. One of the best classic arcade games is Pacman, which is still one of the most popular games ever created, and Tetris which also still has millions of people playing each year. 

Educational Games

One of the most popular types of games that are appropriate for your child are educational games and there are many of these for every topic that you can think of. These are fun for your child and prevents them from getting bored but it is also a great use of time as they’ll be learning whilst they’re playing. The most fun educational games are science games as there is so much to science for your child to learn about and children are known to find science interesting.  


Minecraft is a game like no other and is the most popular game amongst children. It a very safe game and it is loved among children as it allows them to be creative and design their own village. If your child has been playing Minecraft for a long time then you can also get them Minecraft Earth.