9 Great Video Games You Can Play with your Children

If you are a parent, then you will know just how much children adore video games. Often it can feel like there is a disconnect between yourself and your children, after all, what interests can you share with a child? Well, what if we were to tell you that there are plenty of games out there that you can try with your children today in order to get closer to them. Here are 9 great video games you can play with your children.



If you are someone that has a child, then you have definitely heard of Fortnite. Fortnite has been taking the world by storm for years now, due to its fun gameplay and funky dance moves.  Many people believe that Fornite is just a game for children, but that is far from true. If you have your own device, then why not make an account and play a few games with your children.


Town of Salem

This is an online game where every day a killer anonymously murders someone during the night, then during the day the town has to try and figure out who committed these murders. Though this game is great fun for the entire family, some of the western servers for the game are dead. However, there are VPNs that you can use to try and spoof your location, these vpns are the best for gaming with people around the world and so you can use one to access some international servers.


Animal Crossing

If you and your child both have Switches, then we recommend trying Animal Crossing. This cute game is perfect for all ages and you can build a town and hunt down bugs and fish. The best part about this game is that you can visit each other’s islands, which means that you can give each other gifts and design advice.

A very fun element of playing Animal crossing is being able to collect and trade villagers. You can also go on villager hunts which consist of going from island to island and finding the perfect villager for your island.


Mario Kart

Mario Kart is a classic family game that is known to bring out everyone’s competitive side. You only need one device to play this game, as everyone can link up with individual controllers. The current game has all of the classic maps that everyone loves and you can even play with people from around the world, which means that you and your child can join up and be a team.



If you are someone that loves hectic and competitive games, then you are going to adore Overcooked. The aim of Overcooked is quite simple, all that you need to do is complete a tasty dish and serve it to your customer. The issue is that there are many obstacles in your way and the controls leave a lot to be desired, which makes the game even more difficult. If you want to work on team-building with your child, then this is the best game to start with.



This is a classic game and if you are someone with a child, then it is likely that you have played this game.  This is a classic game and no matter what age range you fall under, it is likely that you have played it at one point or another. This is such a good game because it is a continuous project that you can work on together and there are many in-game milestones that you can achieve together, which means that it is one big growing project together.  If you are someone that loves to build and design, then you will absolutely love this game.


Snipper Clips

If you want a two-player game that you can enjoy with your family, then you will love snipper clips. Snipper clips allow you to reshape two characters in order to complete gaming levels and escape difficult mazes. This game takes a lot of thought and even more teamwork, so if you want to work on your relationship with your child and also improve your thinking ability, then you need to try out Snipper Clips.


Just Dance

If you want to try games with your child but you do not like the idea of sitting still all day, why not try a game that combines exercise with fun? Just Dance has been around for a number of years and has a number of classic songs that everyone knows and loves. There are many different game modes that you can choose from which have differing difficulties, which means that if you are not a confident dancer, then you can still enjoy the game.


Mario Party

Once again this is another classic game that many of us have played at one point or another. Mario’s party allows all of the household to get involved in completing various tasks and challenging each other in minigames.  Mario Party has changed a lot in the last few years and now you aren’t forced to just play the single-game mode, instead, there are many to choose from so you don’t have to worry about getting easily bored.

You can choose to either team up with your child or play against them, so depending on the dynamic that you have with your child, you can find a way to easily occupy your time.

7 Ways to Motivate your Child to Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise is super important for a child as even they need to stay healthy so the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity per day, also applies to children. Many people don’t realize this applies to everyone and due to this only 1 in 4 children are getting this much exercise. It can be difficult to make your child do anything that they don’t want to do, but it is your responsibility as a parent to ensure that your child has good overall physical health and exercise is an important part of this. If you’re struggling to motivate your kids to exercise regularly then we’ve found 7 great tips for you on how to do this. 


Often, when children don’t listen to their parents, they will listen to another adult in a position of authority, usually, this is a teacher but can also be a doctor. If you take your children to visit the doctor, then they may be able to explain all the benefits of exercise and highlight the importance of regularly taking part in the exercise. Hearing it from a doctor may be the push that your child needs to feel more motivated. 

Make it Fun

The best way to make your child feel motivated to participate in regular exercise is by finding a sport that your child enjoys. If your child finds a sport that they genuinely enjoy then they will want to practice and play every day, if you try and force a sport that you enjoy on them and they don’t enjoy it then it’s likely they’ll never feel motivated to do it. 

Encourage it at Home

Whatever sport your child chooses, it is likely they won’t have practice or classes every day so to make sure they’re still getting exercise every day you should encourage practice at home. For example, if your child’s chosen sport is gymnastics you should invest in some gymnastics equipment so your child can carry on exercising at home, there is equipment available online for any sport, for gymnastics we would recommend this range of gymnastics bars for home on fit2bmom.

Think of Their Age

It’s important to encourage your child to start up a sport that they’re interested in, but it is your responsibility for the safety of your child so make sure that the sport is age-appropriate. There are many sports that are appropriate for all ages to choose from but if your child is young then you’ll want to stay away from sports like long-distance running and choose something like football. 

Plan Ahead

If your child is going to be attending a class, then try and have them go to the same classes each week as it will become part of their routine, if they’re expecting to be going then they will be less reluctant to do so. Also, make sure that they have time for their sport after school and homework, etc as you don’t want to overwork your child as it will cause them to burn out. 

Reward Them

Rewarding your kids when they complete their week of exercise is a great way to motivate them. This is a much better way to motivate them than by shouting at them, there are many ways to do this from allowing extra screen time to getting them a McDonalds’ on the way home. 

Be a Role Model

Your children are likely to copy lots of what you do, if you’re getting an hour of daily exercise then your kids are more likely to be motivated to do the same. 

Which YouTube Channels are Child Friendly?

With technology proving to be very popular with the younger generation it can be hard to keep your children off of their devices, however, what you should be thinking about is shielding them from the inappropriate content that is available online and making sure that they are only looking at things that are appropriate for your children’s age group. Youtube in particular is very popular with children with millions of craters creating family-friendly content and videos that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

It is very unfortunate that not every channel on Youtube is as thoughtful with what they are uploading and there are a lot of people out there who you wouldn’t approve of your child watching. To monitor this situation you can set up a child filter that will only allow your child access to content that is deemed family-friendly.


Louise Pentland

Lousie Pentland is a creator whose channel is primarily aimed towards mums and their children, many fans of Louise admit that they watch her videos along with their children as her bubbly personality and relatable approach to life is something that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Louise herself has two young children who are featured in many of her videos which can provide peace of mind to parents that there is nothing inappropriate about the content she is producing. If you’re looking for a new Youtube channel to enjoy with your family without having to worry about things like swearing and inappropriate behavior then I would highly recommend that you give Louise a watch, she is also a big supporter of enforcing the correct way to buy views on youtube which can be seen through her hard work and drive to create a family-friendly platform.



Zoella is another Youtube creator that would be considered child friendly, she has been around on Youtube for some time and the fact that she has remained in the spotlight in terms of creating high-quality content that is suitable for children adds a level of trust between the creator and the viewer. Zoella covers a wide range of topics on her channel from cooking to makeup tips and tricks to simply showing her life on her vlogs. Even though she covers a wide range of stuff you can be sure that her channel is very child-friendly without any offensive language and behavior is shown. Zoe has been commended on her positive outlook on life and how she creates videos that are suitable for a wide variety of age groups, it just shows that you don’t need to be aggressive or controversial to be popular.


Alfie Deyes

The final channel on this list that I would deem to be child-safe would be Alfie Deyes, he is another creator who appeals to a wide variation in terms of age group as he covers many topics while remaining very child friendly in the language and behavior he exhibits. Alfie much like Zoella has had his channel for many years and it has been very successful for him, the fact that he is still so popular and successful shows how respected he is in the industry and that he clearly knows what he is doing working on an online platform. His videos range from daily vlogs to reviews and testing videos, but one thing that you can be surrey of is that you will not find any offensive language on his channel and that you can leave your children to watch his content with peace of mind that they are not going to be exposed to anything that they shouldn’t be.

Bonding with your Kids: How to Get into Family Gaming 

Gaming has come a very long way since the first ever programmed game. The first game was programmed in the 1940s by Dr. Condon who specialized in mathematics. It was one of a kind and over 50,000 people played it, 90% won the game as it was much more simple than the current games people play. The first commercial game platform came out a while later in the 1960s. It wasn’t until the 1970s that multiplayer games were created and it was also in this decade that first-person shooter games were made, but they were nothing like the quality of first-person shooter games like Call of Duty today. Gaming today is much more developed and of much higher quality than it was back in the 1900s. There are hundreds of games easily available for people to play and it’s extremely popular, more than 2 billion people spent time playing video games last year alone. It’s a massive industry and brings in around $5 billion every single year.

Now as a parent you’ve probably heard lots of negative things about gaming in the media over the years and might be wondering if this is the best way to bond with your kids. Some common misconceptions about gaming are that video games cause autism, contribute to epilepsy and some of the more bizarre things that got reported was linking video games to Satan. Luckily, it has been realized that video games don’t affect children or make them violent as much as it was thought and they’re actually good for cognitive development. So, if you want a fun new way to bond with your kids then keep reading to find out how to get into family gaming.

Why you should get into family gaming

If you want to properly bond with your kids then you need to do activities with them that they enjoy, rather than choosing things for the both of you that they may not necessarily want to do. There have been studies conducted into how gaming with your kids affects your relationship and all the findings have been positive. A study from Arizona State University found that the more parents and children game together the closer they become. If you don’t play games with your children then you’re potentially missing out on lots of quality time with them.  

The benefits of gaming

Studies have shown that many games are actually educational and teach kids about various topics such as science games that teach kids about the human body or climate change, they’re also shown to help children develop their literacy, numeracy, and problem-solving skills. If you’re gaming with them then it also allows for you to teach them in a fun environment so they’re more likely to absorb it. It’s also important to play fun games with them as well as educational ones so they don’t get bored. One game that’s big amongst kids at the moment is Escape from Tarkov, which is a multiplayer shooter game. When you start playing games like this with your kids they’ll likely have a lot more experience and will win most of the time, I rarely won against my kids but I won more games after using this eft cheat which kept it more interesting for both of us as there was a bit of healthy competition.  

Best games for family gaming

There are many genres of games so you’ll have to find one that suits your child’s interest but we can recommend some family favorites if you need inspiration. Just Dance is a fun dance game for all the family and it’s a great way for you to stay active and for your kids to tire themselves out. Super Smash Bros is another really popular game amongst families as 4 people can play at a time, and if your kids are taking any anger out on each others’ virtual characters that’s a win as they’re not doing it to each other. Finally, Snipperclips is a fun but educational game, it’s a puzzle-based game that requires teamwork to solve the puzzles, this one is great for your child’s brain development.