Bonding with your Kids: How to Get into Family Gaming 

Gaming has come a very long way since the first ever programmed game. The first game was programmed in the 1940s by Dr. Condon who specialized in mathematics. It was

Bonding with your Kids: How to Get into Family Gaming 

Gaming has come a very long way since the first ever programmed game. The first game was programmed in the 1940s by Dr. Condon who specialized in mathematics. It was one of a kind and over 50,000 people played it, 90% won the game as it was much more simple than the current games people play. The first commercial game platform came out a while later in the 1960s. It wasn’t until the 1970s that multiplayer games were created and it was also in this decade that first-person shooter games were made, but they were nothing like the quality of first-person shooter games like Call of Duty today. Gaming today is much more developed and of much higher quality than it was back in the 1900s. There are hundreds of games easily available for people to play and it’s extremely popular, more than 2 billion people spent time playing video games last year alone. It’s a massive industry and brings in around $5 billion every single year.

Now as a parent you’ve probably heard lots of negative things about gaming in the media over the years and might be wondering if this is the best way to bond with your kids. Some common misconceptions about gaming are that video games cause autism, contribute to epilepsy and some of the more bizarre things that got reported was linking video games to Satan. Luckily, it has been realized that video games don’t affect children or make them violent as much as it was thought and they’re actually good for cognitive development. So, if you want a fun new way to bond with your kids then keep reading to find out how to get into family gaming.

Why you should get into family gaming

If you want to properly bond with your kids then you need to do activities with them that they enjoy, rather than choosing things for the both of you that they may not necessarily want to do. There have been studies conducted into how gaming with your kids affects your relationship and all the findings have been positive. A study from Arizona State University found that the more parents and children game together the closer they become. If you don’t play games with your children then you’re potentially missing out on lots of quality time with them.  

The benefits of gaming

Studies have shown that many games are actually educational and teach kids about various topics such as science games that teach kids about the human body or climate change, they’re also shown to help children develop their literacy, numeracy, and problem-solving skills. If you’re gaming with them then it also allows for you to teach them in a fun environment so they’re more likely to absorb it. It’s also important to play fun games with them as well as educational ones so they don’t get bored. One game that’s big amongst kids at the moment is Escape from Tarkov, which is a multiplayer shooter game. When you start playing games like this with your kids they’ll likely have a lot more experience and will win most of the time, I rarely won against my kids but I won more games after using this eft cheat which kept it more interesting for both of us as there was a bit of healthy competition.  

Best games for family gaming

There are many genres of games so you’ll have to find one that suits your child’s interest but we can recommend some family favorites if you need inspiration. Just Dance is a fun dance game for all the family and it’s a great way for you to stay active and for your kids to tire themselves out. Super Smash Bros is another really popular game amongst families as 4 people can play at a time, and if your kids are taking any anger out on each others’ virtual characters that’s a win as they’re not doing it to each other. Finally, Snipperclips is a fun but educational game, it’s a puzzle-based game that requires teamwork to solve the puzzles, this one is great for your child’s brain development. 

Parenting Do’s and Don’ts: What to Feed your Children

Being a parent can be hard. It’s hard enough to look after your own well-being, let alone the well-being of another human that isn’t very clever. As a parent, it can feel like you spend most of your day saying no and stopping your small human from doing something stupid. It can be exhausting. Even the most simple of tasks can make you find yourself asking a million questions. Like should my child wear this? Should my child touch that? But the most difficult issue that parents have to regularly face is what to feed their children.

Children can be incredibly difficult to feed. If they had their own way, they would be eating nothing but chocolates and chicken nuggets. However, it is also unfair to assume that as adults we know what to feed ourselves. After all, there are plenty of adults out there surviving on fast food and the occasional probiotic for women to subsidize any lacking nutrients.

If you are new to parenting you may be even more confused as to what to feed your children, as they get older you can no longer rely on your trusty jars of baby food to sustain them and you are now in charge of making sure that your child has all of the valuable nutrients that it needs to help with its growth. It can be a daunting task but worry not. Here is the parenting do’s and don’ts for feeding your children.


Don’t give them fizzy pop

A mistake that a lot of parents make is allowing their children to drink as much fizzy pop as they would like. Not only is fizzy pop full of lots of detrimental sugars, but it is also full of lots of nasty preservatives which aren’t good for your child. Children aren’t always the most thorough teeth cleaners too, so allowing them to have fizzy pop could encourage premature rotting, which can make for some expensive dental bills in the future.

Plenty of protein

One day your child may wake up and decide to never eat meat again, which is fine when they are in their mid-teens and have already grown. Until then, you have to make sure that you are giving them as much protein as you can. A child’s body doesn’t work the same as an adult’s. Children have very active metabolisms and they generally just burn through the foods that they take in very quickly. Because of this, it is crucial that you ensure that they get enough fuel to keep their active bodies going throughout the day.

Don’t do boring greens

One of the main reasons that so many people grow up with unnatural hate of greens is because their parents prepared them in a boring way. Yes, most people aren’t aware that you can do more than just boil some broccoli. Make sure that the veg that you give your children is well seasoned and paired with delicious ingredients, this will ensure that they are getting the healthy food they need.