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Maternity tops from Belly Dance Maternity combine real style and comfort in a wide range of cuts, colors and designs. Your growing baby bump is a great opportunity to treat yourself to fashion forward maternity tops from some of the best designers. We’ve got the best clothes for every season, guaranteed to keep you comfortable and on-trend throughout the length of your pregnancy.

We have tops to fit every occasion, every mood, and every body type. Fun, sophisticated, elegant, sexy, comfortable and casual - whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got it. Our selection of tops are second to none. Summer tee shirts and tank tops, winter cardigans and coats, and everything in between can be found right here at Belly Dance Maternity.

A good selection of maternity tops might be the most important part of your pregnancy wardrobe. The right tops will keep you looking professional and put together at work, fashionable and well-styled when you’re out, and comfortable when you’re home. Michael Stars Maternity has created a line of fantastic tee shirts for our clients to wear, including simple ribbed tank tops and scoop necks. Olian and Ripe Maternity have created a beautiful and sophisticated line of work tops, including tunics, ruched tops, and camisoles. Our biggest brand, NOM, has a huge range of stylish maternity tops to choose from, many of which can be paired together for a layered, put-together look (open cardigans are a great look for the expecting fashionista). From light summer clothes that keep you cool even in the worst heat and humidity to warm and snuggly winter sweaters, jackets and turtlenecks, Belly Dance Maternity is dedicated to finding the right maternity tops for our customers.

Belly Dance Maternity
has become the number one place to go for designer maternity styles. Designers and labels like Michael Stars Maternity, NOM, Olian, Isabella Oliver, and many more have made our store their home. Celebrities like Gwenyth Paltrow love, wear and recommend our clothes, and we’ve worked hard to earn our reputation as the best place for fashionistas to dress their bump.

We always keep our most popular items in stock so we never run out of the fashion-forward maternity tops you need. Check out our Tees & Tanks, Sweaters & Coats, Tunics, Long Sleeve Tops, Short Sleeve Tops, Sleeveless Tops, Work Tops, and Tops on Sale. Read More...

Q and A

What are your most essential maternity tops? What can't I live without?

Some of our most popular maternity tops are from the Michael Stars tee shirt collection. But we carry lots of fantastic tee shirts and tanks from a wide variety of designers, including and especially Ingrid & Isabel and Isabella Oliver. These kinds of light clothing are essential for maternity wear because they're comfortable and roomy enough to grow with you.

NOM carries a really wide range of tops that are very stylish and unique - including plenty of comfortable tunics, colorful tees, and great cardigans.

Will I be able to wear my maternity work tops throughout my pregnancy?

Almost always. These clothes are built specifically to accommodate your shape, so most of them will last you for as long as you need. If you find that one top in particular is starting to lose its perfect fit, simply put it aside for after the baby, when you're starting your transition back to your original shape.

Can I wear these clothes once I've had my baby?

We hope you will! Our goal is to create beautiful clothes that are the equal of anything at your favorite high end fashion retail store. They just happen to be built for maternity, and comfortable as can be. When you've delivered your child it will take awhile for you body to get back to where it was, and these clothes can really help with that transition. In fact, you may never want to put them in storage!

Which tops show off my bump? And which minimize it?

If you want to show off your growing bundle of joy, our striped tees and tops are a great choice. Curve-hugging scoop neck tees and turtlenecks are another great choice. To minimize, cardigans, tunics and loose fitting tops are the way to go.

How do I make my maternity top work for my black tie event or work?

Accessories are the key here. Great jewelry, effective pairing of material and pieces, and accents will help you make a statement.

Why are maternity clothes so long?

As your belly grows, the hem of your shirts and dresses are going to go out and up. It's to ensure you don't end up wearing a belly shirt or mini dress in your last months.