Maternity Work Shirts and Tops

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If you are planning to work through most of your pregnancy, you need to think more about what to wear. For most women, wearing their standard tops are not going to be possible as the pregnancy progresses, and it’s time to invest in some great maternity work tops. Maternity work tops from Belly Dance Maternity are wonderfully versatile and attractive, and you’ll find that if you choose carefully, you can even wear your favorite ones long after your pregnancy.

When you are looking for work tops, you have many choices in style and color. There is lots of basic black, greys, as well as prints and patterns. There are shorter tops and tunics, tops to layer and button down tops.

When you are choosing maternity tops for your work place, you’ll find that you will probably do well with tops that flatter your figure. The key is to find a top that is attractive in color and shape while still very comfortable for you to wear. Look for tops that are made from a soft stretchy material, and remember that you can wear them after your pregnancy as well. Many tops also take you right into nursing.

Remember that you deserve to look good when you are pregnant, and if you are going to be at work, you also need to look professional. Shop our collection of work tops today.

Q and A

I feel my best in fitted tops while pregnant, is that inappropriate for the work place?

When it comes to maternity shopping go with makes you look and feel great. Layer your fitted tees or tops with a suit jacket, boyfriend blazer, or cardi for a chic, work savvy look.

How do maternity blouses work?

Maternity blouses are designed specifically for a growing belly. They will be longer and have more stretch then your non-maternity blouses. We carry a variety of well tailored, beautiful blouses that will compliment your work wardrobe.

I have to wear suits to the office what work tops do you recommend?

We have a fantastic selection of tops that will make you feel professional, pulled together and pretty in the workplace. For the working ladies we have carefully selected blouses and tailored tops that effortlessly pair with suit jackets. Be sure to check out the Seraphine, Slacks, and Olian collections and not to worry, we carry maternity suiting as well.

I'm hoping to also use my maternity work tops for nursing. Is this realistic?

Certainly! Thankfully a lot of maternity tops lend themselves well to nursing. For example, a maternity shirt with buttons will allow for easy nursing access. Ask any team member for nursing top recommendations, there are plenty of options