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Just because you’re pregnant does not mean you have to give up anything in the way of style and fashion. If you’re tired of the same old camisoles and sweatshirts, maybe it’s time to spice things up a little with a few maternity tunics. Maternity tunics are stylish and comfortable, and you will find that there is more than enough length and enough stretch to grow with you. If you want a piece of clothing that can be worn throughout the pregnancy and even afterward, you’ll find that a tunic is absolutely the one.

Maternity tunics are perfect for a casual or business casual environment, and you will discover that there are a number of different options available to you. For example, a tunic works over skinny pants or leggings to dress up or down. We have tunics in solids and patterns, in color and in black.

You will find that maternity tunics pair very well with just about any bottom you care to name. They do well with skinny jeans throughout your pregnancy, and they are amazing with leggings for the ultimate comfort. These tunics are perfect whether you are looking for something to wear at work or whether you simply want to lounge around the house.

When you want to spice up your maternity wardrobe, pass on those old t-shirts and camisoles. Instead, choose a stylishtunic. If you choose the right one, chances are good that you can continue to wear it beyond baby.

Q and A

What are your most essential maternity tops? What can’t I live without?

We have an amazing selection of tee shirts from Michael Stars, which everyone loves. The shirts look fantastic, they’re impeccably designed, and they couldn’t be more comfortable. Our line of chic tunics and maternity tops is varied and fabulous, with fresh looks from Ingrid & Isabel, Olian, and more.

Our in-house clothing line, NOM, is a great place to look for tops, including tunics, tee shirts, and more.

Will I be able to wear my maternity tunics throughout my pregnancy?

For the most part, yes. These clothes are built to last, with materials and designs that work with your body when it grows. If you ever notice that one of your tunics is getting a bit small, don’t put it in storage - it’ll be great for that post-baby time when you haven’t gotten back to your regular shape just yet.

Can I wear these clothes once I’ve had my baby?

Yes, definitely. In terms of style and design, we only sell clothes that women would want even if they weren’t expecting. Our goal is to create clothing that you won’t want to stop wearing, even after you have your baby. Practically of course, maternity clothes are great for when you’re getting your figure back after a pregnancy - they’re wonderful transition clothes.

Which tops show off my bump? And which minimize it?

If you really want to show off your growing belly, choose curve hugging tees, tanks and tunics with horizontal stripes. To minimize, choose loose fitting clothing, or perhaps a cardigan or sweater.

How do I make my maternity tunic for my black tie event or work?

Make sure to accessorize. Every one of our tunics can stand alone, but sometimes statement jewelry and fun accessories really make them pop.

Why are maternity clothes so long?

Maternity clothes are built with end-term pregnancies in mind. As your belly grows, your hemlines are going to expand and you’re going to take up more vertical real estate. You don’t want to be accidentally wearing a belly shirt at nine months!