Maternity T-Shirts, Tank Tops And Tees


A great tee shirt is perhaps the one indispensable item of maternity clothing. Every mom-to-be needs something that’s comfortable, light, stylish, and easy to wash. Every mom-to-be needs something that has enough room to grow with them as well - something that’s going to last them their entire pregnancy. At Belly Dance Maternity we believe in finding and creating the very best maternity tee shirts and maternity tank tops on the market and bringing them to you.

And when we say the best, we mean it. These tee shirts and tank tops are stylish, soft, well made, and always fabulous. They’ve been designed by hip designers and worn by the biggest names in Hollywood. Our most popular label when it comes to tee shirts and tanks is Michael Stars Maternity. Their clothes have been a favorite of our customers for years, and it’s easy to see why. Available in a wide range of colors, styles and seasonality, Michael Stars Tees are always at the top of a fashion forward mom-to-be’s wishlist. Their ribbed tank tops are just as comfortable and just as cute. Major brands like Ingrid and Isabel, Isabella Oliver and of course NOM also put a big emphasis on designing amazing maternity tee shirts and maternity tank tops.

In the warm summer months there’s nothing that feels quite so good as a light tee shirt and cool breeze. In the winter or autumn a long sleeve tee or a turtleneck keep you warm and your bump swathed in the latest designs. No matter what the season, and no matter what the occasion, the maternity tee or tank is an absolute essential. We carry a big selection of maternity tees and tanks from designers like Michael Stars, Isabella Oliver, Ingrid & Isabel, NOM, Olian, and more.


Q and A

What should a mom-to-be look for in a great maternity tee shirt?

A great tee shirt from Belly Dance Maternity is two things: stylish, and comfortable. Both of which are absolute essentials for the pregnant fashionista. You get the style from our wide range of designs, prints, colors, cuts and designers. You get the comfort from soft, stretchy fabric that is designed to grow with you throughout your pregnancy. The great thing about a soft stretchy tee is that it gives you room to grow and keeps you cool. And what’s more comfortable than that?

What are your most popular tee shirts?

Michael Stars Maternity produces a line of tee shirts for our clients that are always in high demand. From long to short sleeves and from super-casual to sophisticated, he has a shirt for every occasion and for every woman. NOM, Ingrid & Isabel, and Isabella Oliver also stock great tee shirts that are perennial favorites here at Belly Dance.

What about tank tops?

Stetchy, breathable tank tops are a great way to stay cool and comfortable. We carry a variety of these from our favorite maternity designers, each designed to make your pregnancy a soft, fabulous, on-trend breeze.

How will I know when its time to buy maternity tops?

You will reach a point in your pregnancy when your non-maternity tees, tanks and tops become either too snug or too short (or both). When you reach that point we recommend picking up a few tops that will grow with you throughout your pregnancy.

How many tops should I plan to need?

There's no rule as to how many tops one needs to buy. Start with a few basics, throw in some color to broaden your wardrobe and make sure to have one or two nice tops for special occasions. Buy them as you need them. Don't be afraid of going overboard because you'll be able to wear them after your pregnancy as well!

I heard Michael Stars makes maternity tees. How are they different from my non-maternity Michael Stars?

Michael Stars maternity tees, tanks and tops
are made with the same quality fabrics but are cut for your pregnant body. You may notice the biggest difference is that they run longer than your pre-pregnancy tees. This allows for your belly to grow and the hem of your shirt to rise!

Can I wear a nursing tank during my pregnancy?

Absolutely! They make great basic tanks. Take the NOM nursing line, for example. They are cut for both maternity and nursing so you get plenty of bang for your buck.

What are your favorite basic tanks for wearing under my blouses and shirts?

We adore the everyday camis by Ingrid & Isabel. They're super stretchy and have inconspicuous straps, making them the perfect under garment. We also love tanks by Splendid. They're not maternity, but so soft and long enough for your budding bod.

My girlfriend says NOM makes great maternity tops, tell me more about this line!

NOM makes a ton of comfy, classic, functional maternity wear. Expect fun prints, extra soft fabric and fashion forward trends. You will love your NOM tops so much, you'll be sure to be wearing them long after the baby is born.

Should I wash and dry my maternity tees and tanks a certain way?

Just be sure to follow the washing instructions carefully. Typically we wouldn't recommend drying your tops because you don't want to risk any shrinkage. Treat your clothes with care and they will last you a very long time.