Long Sleeve Maternity Shirts and Tops

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A great long sleeve maternity top is a basic in any maternity wardrobe, whether it is a maternity t-shirt, maternity tunic, or cardigan. At Belly Dance Maternity, we carry a wide assortment of maternity long sleeve options for your every need. Michael Stars maternity, a customer favorite, is known for its versatile styles and wide range of colors. NOM, a celebrity favorite, has long sleeve maternity tunics, maternity tops, and maternity sweaters to keep you looking fashionable. Olian and Maternal Americahave stylish and versatile long sleeve maternity styles for day or night. Read More...

Q and A

What sizes should I buy for long sleeve tops if I want them to last?

As with all maternity purchases we recommend starting with your
pre-pregnancy size. Some lines run differently than others, but maternity
clothes across the board are designed to grow with you and fit throughout
your pregnancy.

I like my tops fitted, any recommendations?

Fitted tops look super cute especially when you have a big belly to show
off. We have a wide variety of fitted tops by NOM, Ripe, Isabella Oliver
available in vibrant solids and fun stripes.

I want to hide my arms are long sleeves the best solution?

We get it! We carry a lot of great long sleeved options, but also a variety
of other sleeve lengths. We like to try for a mix of rolled up, ¾ sleeved
and different degrees of volume with our sleeves.

Will my long sleeve tops work for multiple seasons?

Why not? Play around with layering and styling to make your maternity shirts
work for you the whole 9 months.

Will long sleeves stretch as I grow?

They will! We keep our fabric choices flexible, literally. When buying a
maternity shirt, just make sure it fits you well in the shoulders and under
the arm for maximum comfort.