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Taking care of your skin is always extremely important; however, when it comes to pregnancy and skincare, the topic is even more sensitive. With the variety of hormonal developments and body changes that take place during pregnancy, your skin can significantly change as well. Implementing an effective, proactive pregnancy skincare routine can help you avoid stretchmarks, itching, and irritation.

In terms of facial skincare, maintaining a level of cleanliness and moisturizing is key. Many pregnant women experience extensive increases or decreases in oil production, resulting in breakouts or severe dryness. Using the appropriate skin cleanser can help alleviate these extremes. A sensitive purifying facial foam is great for cleansing and soothing the skin, while an acne clearing facial scrub will stop breakouts. Aside from just cleansing skin during pregnancy skincare, effective moisturizing is key. Using an appropriate moisturizer is important.

Another pregnancy skincare issue that periodically arises for expectant women is uncharacteristic itching or skin sensitivity. This too arises from hormonal changes and can be treated fairly easily in most cases. Using a soothing body oil or cream will help soothe itching skin.

Another pregnancy skincare need many women face is maintaining the elasticity and vitality of their skin to avoid stretch marks and tightening. Applying body oil or body butter regularly helps revitalize a woman's skin to avoid marks from stretching. It also maintains moisture and comfort. And, if that's not enough, using stretch mark fading cream post-baby can renew and replenish skin while eradicating stretch marks and blemishes.

As an expectant mother, being proactive about skincare is a must. Implementing skincare treatments designed for pregnancy is crucial to take care of mom and baby. Take a look at our fantastic selection of skincare products from the best brands in the maternity and skincare business - we know you’ll find something you love.

Q and A

What's the difference between pregnancy skincare and regular skincare?

Every pregnancy is different, and few women will have exactly the same experience as they go through it. Your skin can change quickly and unpredictably, which makes pro-active skincare more important during pregnancy. It's also likely that your standard skin and beauty regimen will have to change and adapt to your new situation. It's best to always be prepared!

I'm breaking out for the first time, what should I do?

Your hormones are changing and at times this is reflected in one's skin. Do not panic, as none of these changes will last forever. Try the Belli Face Wash, it is light, luxurious and a favorite among customers.

My skin has been especially dry and for that reason scratchy. Any recommendations?

We have a multitude of nourishing skin care solutions, which will leave your skin feeling supple and fresh. We carry Tummy Honey Butter, Belli Body Lotion, Basq Body Oil and Mommy Care and more. Look no further than our skincare selection to get the pregnancy glow.

Are skincare products a good gift?

Definitely! Treating someone to a lovely lotion or an essential oil is always a fantastic idea.

I'm very sensitive to smell? Are the skin care products fragrant?

We only carry products that we believe in and are popular amongst our customers. Our skin care products have very subtle fragrances. Come in and sample all that we have to offer.