Your Pregnancy, Your Style


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  • We are here to help.

    Your body is changing, and you need clothes that make you look and feel good. You don’t have to be a celebrity to work with a stylist. For many women, shopping for maternity clothes can be confusing and challenging. Our experienced personal stylists will spend some quality time getting to know you and understanding your needs so we can help you build a stylish maternity wardrobe that makes you feel beautiful and confident.

  • We do it your way.

    We can save you time and work with your schedule. Do you need business attire appropriate for a high-profile, corporate office, or do you work in a creative environment where being fashion-forward is crucial? Maybe you spend your days running the kids to and from their activities and want something that’s comfortable yet chic. Or, maybe you received a last-minute invitation to a formal event. We can outfit every part of your life, at any time of the day. We can shop with you by phone, over email, or at one of our stores.

  • It’s on us.

    Our personal styling services are always complimentary. Plus, you’ll receive free shipping on any purchases made over the phone or through an online appointment.