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Maternity lingerie is one of the building blocks of any expecting fashionista's apparel. Undergarments help to keep you comfortable, accommodate your changing body, smooth panty lines, and help you look great in your maternity clothes and dresses. At Belly Dance Maternity we stock a wide selection of maternity lingerie, including products like Mama Spanx, the BellaBand, and standard lingerie, underwear, and sleepwear. Designed by the best creative minds in the maternity clothing industry, lingerie from Belly Dance is sure to make you look and feel great.

We also carry products designed for activewear, hosiery, and loungewear. Belly Dance is your one stop shop for absolutely everything you need when you're an expecting mother in need of great clothes.

We're dedicated to making your pregnancy easy and fabulous when it comes to your fashion choices. No matter what you're looking for to make your outfit or wardrobe perfect, you can find it here. Our selection of maternity lingerie is second to none, and your commitment to collecting the very best in the industry sets us apart.

One of our most popular products that fits into this category is the BellaBand. This nifty little band simple wraps around the top of your pants or skirt, and the bottom of your bump. Voila - you've suddenly added several months (at least) to the life of you old clothes by making it easy and chic to wear them without buttoning or zipping. You can hide the band easily, or show the bottom of it to create a layered look. In a similar vein, many of our customers swear by Mama Spanx. Mama Spanx bring the same smooth, toned look to your body while wearing dresses and fitted tops and bottoms. Even while pregnant, you can smooth those panty lines and feel sexy in your dresses with maternity Spanx.

Hanky Panky is a great brand for fun underwear that comes in lots of different, playful colors (including thongs and boy shorts). Camisoles are another very popular item on this page - we've got them from great brands like Maternal America and Belabumbum. From maternity bras to maternity sleepwear to maternity tights and pantyhose, Belly Dance carries many brands to meet your needs.

Bras are of course a big need for maternity lingerie. Get all the comfort and support you need from great brands like Boob, Bravado, and Bellabumbum. Choose between standard lingerie, simple nursing bras, sports bras, and more.


Q and A

My body is growing and I'm looking for something pretty and feminine to sleep in, any recommendations?

We have a fabulous sleepwear section will satisfy all of your needs. Be sure to check out brands such as Belabumbum, Peek A Boo, and Olian. There is absolutely no reason to feel mumsy when we have beautiful maternity sleep wear options.

What makes a maternity sleep set different than my non-maternity pjs?

As with all maternity clothes, maternity sleepwear is specifically designed for a changing body. The fabrics used are soft, luxurious and typically quite stretchy so the garments will grow with you. Most of the pieces are also designed for nursing so they will come in handy after you have the baby.

When is the best time to buy a nursing bra? And what should I be looking for?

We recommend waiting until the near end of your pregnancy before purchasing nursing bras. Your size will likely change as you get closer to your delivery date so in order to find the best fit it is better not to buy too early. Our experienced sales team will help you find exactly what you are looking for. We have everything from sleep nursing bras to sexier options.

How are the Hanky Panky underwear and Coobie bras maternity options?

We carry the Hanky Panky and Coobie lines because they are tried and true. Both are quite stretchy so they work well when expecting. They are also one size so they fit most sizes. Don't feel bad about loading up on either, as you'll love them just as much after you have the baby.

Does maternity lingerie work as a gift idea?

YES! A lot of times women shy away from buying items for themselves when they are expecting or they tend to buy more practical things. Treating a friend or loved one to a luxurious robe or monogrammed nightshirt is a lovely and thoughtful gift. Often the most cherished presents are what one wouldn't buy for themselves.