Maternity Pajamas and Nursing Sleepwear

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Wearing comfortable clothes is vital to feeling your best during pregnancy. At Belly Dance Maternity, we believe wearing beautiful clothes are vital all of the time. So naturally we’ve stocked our shelves with stylish maternity sleepwear that also keeps you cool, comfortable, and happy. From standard pajamas to nightgowns, chemises and more, we’ve got you more than covered when it comes to bedtime and lounging around.

Our renowned designers and brands have created chic and comfortable maternity pajamas pregnant women can wear while lounging around the house. For example, night shirts with lace detailing or a simple kimono dress are both cute and comfortable maternity sleepwear options for women. Maternity pajamas should provide maximum comfort. Soft fabrics that glide easily over the body are ideal for pregnant women.

During summer months, sleepwear such as nighties or a full gown are all that a pregnant woman needs to feel comfortable, cool and stylish. During cooler months, maternity pajamas that feature soft pants and a cute camisole or shirt will keep pregnant women comfortable and warm.

A robe is also an essential piece of a bedtime wardrobe, and can add a stylish touch to any pajama set. A simple robe with lace edging can be worn year round, summer of winter, at bring a classic touch of style to any sleepwear.

Being comfortable at home often doesn’t have to mean wearing over-large old tee shirts or stretched-out pajama pants. Our selection of chic maternity sleepwear is designed to provide our customers with an opportunity to be comfortable and fashionable. Read More...

Q and A

Will I be able to wear my nursing sleepwear my entire pregnancy?

If you want to, definitely. These comfy pajamas and bedtime clothes are built to look and feel amazing against your body, and that makes them perfect pajamas 24/7, whether you’re pregnant, nursing, or not. They’re also designed to fit loosely and stretch with your growing body, so they should last throughout your term and beyond. 

I’m not positive that I will nurse, is nursing sleep wear something I should buy anyway?

You won’t regret purchasing any of the sleepwear that we carry. The lines we carry and tried and true and will be luxurious sleepwear whether you choose to nurse or not.

A friend mentioned that she slept in a nursing tank, is that the norm?

Some women like to pair a nursing tank with a lounge pant while others prefer a nursing gown, or pj set. It’s totally up to individual preference. Sleeping in a nursing tank or nursing bra is totally normal and we carry a wide variety of both.

Would you recommend buying nursing sleep wear before I have the baby?

It’s a great idea to have nursing sleepwear in your hospital bag. That way you will have something cute and comfortable to while you receive guests. You’ll want to be in something that makes you feel good while you’re at the hospital. Being prepared never hurts!

What kind of undergarments should I wear while I’m nursing?

They should be just as comfortable and just as beautiful as your nursing sleepwear. We have a wonderful selection of lingerie that meets the needs of every nursing mother, and every woman.