Maternity Pantyhose, Tights, and Hosiery

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Having a baby never means putting your chic fashion sense on hold. Of course the presence of a baby bump presents a number of challenges that can make wearing wearing certain types of clothing less than comfortable. Maternity hosiery is the key to staying stylish, comfortable and well supported as the baby grows. There are several different types of hosiery available for pregnant women, including tights, support socks, pantyhose and belly bands.

Support socks are designed for the pregnant woman who spends a lot of time on her feet. Available in solids or attractive stripes, these socks improve circulation, reduce swelling, and increase foot comfort. Opaque and sheer maternity tights are some of our bestsellers and stretch and fit comfortably on growing bellies while providing much needed additional tummy support. Maternity pantyhose are not as thick as tights, but are an option for under maternity dresses, as are maternity body shapers like Spanx Power Mama. They provide the wearer with added belly support and are available in nude and black. Belly bands are another type of maternity hosiery that's worn beneath clothing and is designed to help maternity pants or your pre-pregnancy pants fit and help new mothers to quickly return to their pre-pregnancy figures. Depending on the manufacturer, these bands can be worn during the final stages of pregnancy or after the baby has been born.

Regardless of the type of maternity hosiery needed, Belly Dance Maternity offers a selection of choices from well trusted brand names. The right hosiery can make a world of difference when pregnant. Not only will it make a woman feel more comfortable in her clothes, but it will also make her look and feel attractive no matter what she wears.

Q and A

Tell me about maternity Spanx. What’s the skinny?

They’re the same Spanx you know and love, simply adjusted! Maternity Spanx have all the same shaping features with a panel left out for your belly. They work great!

How do tights and hose work during pregnancy?

Maternity tights have a panel that work with your belly and come all the way to under your bust line to prevent any of that pesky rolling or slipping.

What do compression garments do for you?

Compression garment are very fitted and work to increase circulation and reduce stiffness and swelling. Compression socks are fantastic for flying, wearing to bed, or any other time you need relief.

Does the Belly Bandit really work?

Our customers swear by the Belly Bandit. Not only does it help you lose inches, but the Belly Bandit offers back support. Be sure to have one ready to go in your hospital bag!

What’s the story with the BellaBand?

The BellaBand is awesome! You will find the BellaBand useful throughout your entire pregnancy. When your non-maternity jeans are feeling a little tight around the waist but you’re not quite ready to make the maternity denim plunge, you can slip into your BellaBand and keep your pants unbuttoned and unzipped (no one needs to know!).