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When it comes to camisoles, Belly Dance Maternity has both practical and stylish choices for the fashion-conscious mother-to-be. All the maternity and nursing camisoles we stock are carefully designed to give the ultimate experience in comfort and versatility, helping you feel beautiful during and after pregnancy.

For a classic look, try any of our everyday maternity camisoles available in black, white, and nude. These camisoles provide plenty of stretch to accommodate your growing baby without straining. Wear them alone on hot, sticky summer days or layered beneath blouses, sweaters, and jackets the rest of the year. If you need a little more styling in your camisoles, though, the ruched maternity tanks are definitely for you. Ruched maternity camisoles give you a modern tailored look and flatter your curves while still remaining extremely comfortable.

For the greatest versatility, try our before and after maternity camisoles. Ideal for women who value both looks and practicality, these tanks can be worn both during pregnancy and after birth for nursing. With a variety of styles and colors available, there's one to suit every mother's taste, including several with soft trimmings of lace decoration to provide the perfect feminine touch. Lastly, our selection of nursing tanks provide easy access to nursing for the baby as well as plenty of style for Mom. Our nursing tanks range from no-nonsense snap straps to flowing empire waists and are available in several trendy colors and patterns, including stripes and polka dots.

Q and A

What kind of undergarments should I wear while I’m growing?

Seeing how many of our womanly assets expand during pregnancy, we have carefully chosen pieces that are not only figure flattering but comfortable. Check out our lingerie selection. We are confident you will find something there to suit your needs! We also love lines that you can wear after, such as Hanky Panky underwear and the Coobie bra.

Why can’t I use my pre-pregnancy undergarments?

We find a changing body requires some new undergarments. Be comfortable!

I’m concerned about panty-lines with my fitted maternity wear. What do you recommend?

We love Hanky Panky thongs for fitted clothing. Nary a panty line in sight!

Is there such a thing as a maternity camisole?

We a have an incredible camisole by Ingrid & Isabel. It’s stretchy and long enough to work throughout your entire pregnancy. It’s tried and true, customers keep coming back for them even after the baby arrives.

I want to wear a fitted dress for my shower, what’s a good route for shape wear?

Maternity Spanx are fantastic. They smooth and slim, and will make you feel confident in tight fitting numbers. Spanxcome in a biker short length as well as full length hose.