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When you're thinking about what kind of gift you want to buy for the special mother-to-be in your life, remember that there's nothing better than a beautiful set of clothes or a thoughtful, practical post-baby gift (like a diaper bag) to make her feel confident, prepared, and loved. Belly Dance Maternity specializes in collecting and offering gifts that fit this bill exactly - gorgeous dresses in the latest styles from the best designers in the country, super soft and comfortable maternity sleepwear to make the nights more restful, and amazing diaper bags and nursing covers that look amazing and work even better.

While lots of maternity gifts focus on comfort or stretchability, at Belly Dance we don't believe that a woman ever has to give up her sense of style, her confidence and her love for amazing clothes just because she's pregnant. Our clothes are every bit as chic and fabulous as anything you'll find in the hippest department store, and they're built with meticulous construction guaranteed to make the expecting mother in your life feel as amazing as she looks. And don't worry about the clothes only being needed for a short time - most women rely on maternity clothes to help them get through nursing and the post-pregnancy period where their body is still returning to it's normal proportions. We offer looks from major brands and designers like Michael Stars, Olian, Ingrid & Isabel, and of course NOM. Each brings a unique sense of fashion and style, and each has an amazing selection of perfect sartorial gifts!

As much as we love clothes at Belly Dance (and we do!) we also stock lots of fantastic maternity gifts that go beyond stitches and thread. Heavy duty diaper bags that combine high functionality with high style, beautiful nursing covers that make breastfeeding easy and stress free, quirky music selections for mommy and baby to bond over, and tons of great cosmetics and oils that help expecting mothers take care of their sensitive skin months 1-9. It's all available here at Belly Dance Maternity, and it's all about making the expecting mother in your life feel as special as she is! Browse our extensive selection - we're sure you'll find a gift that meets your needs and shows your special someone how much they mean. Happy shopping!