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Nothing beats the perfect maternity dress. Comfortable, often wearable throughout your pregnancy, and of course beautiful, chic, and all your own. Every baby bumb deserves a fabulous maternity dress, and at Belly Dance Maternity we’ve made it our mission to find and create the very best in the world. Designers like NOM, Seraphine, Ingrid & Isabel, Isabella Oliver, and many many more have all contributed their latest and best designs to Belly Dance Maternity. No matter what you’re looking for in a maternity dress, you are sure to find it here in our online store.

Dresses are a perfect maternity outfit because they both cool and comfortable. A dress can make a real style statement while at the same time providing your changing body with a soft, wearable outfit. Many maternity dresses are designed to last the entire length of your pregnancy, meaning you’ll only have to buy them once. We offer our customers a wide variety of dresses and many styles to fit every personality and every body. Here you’ll find dresses that are perfect for your days at the office, comfortable enough for lazy days at home, sophisticated enough for a lunch with the girls and hip and sexy enough for a night out on the town. Maxi dresses, casual dresses, and of course the perfect dress for your baby shower - you can find them all and many more here at Belly Dance Maternity.

Maternity dresses are a great option for moms-to-be because they’re easy to wear. There’s no complicated buttoning, no worry about pulling together an entire outfit - you can just throw on the dress and go. You don’t have to sacrifice your style and sense of flair to be comfortable, and you certainly don’t have to give those things up when you’re expecting. Get your perfect dress from Belly Dance Maternity today. Read More...

Q and A

I'm looking for a comfortable dress. Where should I be looking?

You should definitely check out our great selection of maxi maternity dresses. Maxi dresses make it easy to create a full outfit - all you have to do is throw it on! They also combine soft fabrics with flowing, roomy drapes that cover your entire body. These full-length dresses don't sacrifice anything in the way of style however - they are among our most comfortable but also our most beautiful designs.

Another great place to look is in the casual maternity dress section. Here you'll find great and comfortable designs from a host of renowned designers and brands, including NOM, More of Me, and Michael Stars.

Will I grow out of my maternity dresses the bigger I get?

Maternity dresses are designed specifically to cater to a growing body. They are often made in forgiving, cozy fabrics that will stretch as your belly develops. You may also notice that some dresses tend to be a tad longer than your non-maternity dresses, this is because a dress will get a touch shorter the bigger you get, so they have some extra length to afford you room to grow. Plan to wear your maternity dresses throughout your pregnancy and afterwards as well.

How I do I find the perfect shower dress?

Have fun with shower dress shopping! Rest assured we have a fantastic selection of shower appropriate dresses that will make you feel beautiful on your special day. Trust us we have something for everyone- fitted, flowy, sassy, demure and everything in between. Feel free to set up a personal shopping appointment or ask a team member to pull shower favorites.

I am not used to this body and am concerned about finding a dress to accommodate my new chest. Can you help?

Don't worry you aren't alone. Women are often shocked by how much their chest can change throughout their pregnancy. Maternity dresses are designed specifically for a pregnant body. If your old dresses are no longer working, don't panic it is just time to explore what the world of maternity dresses has to offer.

Is it inappropriate to wear my shower dresses after my shower?

Absolutely not! We always recommend getting maximum wear out of all of your maternity purchases. Try throwing a jean jacket or blazer over a shower dress to give it another look.

I want something elegant and sophisticated. What do you recommend?

Every woman deserves a beautiful, elegant dress for special occasions. That certainly doesn't change when you're expecting, and at Belly Dance we've made sure to keep ourselves well stocked with the most gorgeous, chic maternity dresses the fashion world has to offer. Check out our special occasion section to get a look at some of our best offerings. There you'll find sophisticated dresses from Olian, More of Me, and of course NOM.