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Many modern moms-to-be know they are going to be working up until very close to their delivery date. A common concern is how to dress at work - how to maintain your professional style even as your body changes. Many expectant mothers resign themselves to repurposing old clothes or just wearing the loosest dresses they have. At Belly Dance Maternity we believe the answer is in well tailored, beautiful but professional clothing that lets you keep rolling right along even in your later months. Instead of bringing in those same old stretchy tops, consider wearing some amazingly stylish maternity work dresses from the best maternity designers. Maternity work dresses can be amazingly chic and stylish, and when you browse our wide selection we know you’ll find a dress that’s perfect for you.

A great place to start is a very wearable front-tie dress with short sleeves. A dress like this is perfect for any business casual office, and you’ll find that it’s comfortable as well. The front tie makes it work no matter how large your belly becomes, and the shape is beautiful.

If you want something with a little more verve, don’t forget that you can still choose some exciting patterns. This is a perfect time to add a bit of cheerful color to your wardrobe, and maternity work dresses can be as trendy and up-to-date as you are.

Q and A

Will I be able to wear my work dresses throughout my pregnancy?

In most cases, yes. Maternity clothes are designed to stretch and accommodate your body - in other words, designed to last for the long haul. If you do find that you’re not fitting into a favorite dress any longer, don’t worry - after you’ve had your baby and your body is returning to its previous shape, you’ll be able to wear it again.

Can I wear these clothes once I’ve had my baby?

Absolutely! Our goal is to make clothes that are so fantastic you don’t have to be pregnant to want to wear them out. We’ve got dozens of dresses you won’t want to let go of even long after the end of your pregnancy, and you’ll definitely need a good post-baby wardrobe for the time it takes to return to your natural shape.

How do I make my maternity dress work for my black tie event or work?

Accessorize! Shoes, statement jewelry, accents and more are what will really sell the dress at formal event and at work. A little black dress is a perfect base, but accessories can often be the difference between a wow moment and a whoa moment!