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Is the day of your baby shower approaching? Are you still looking for the perfect baby shower dress? Put your worries to rest because, we have a wide selection for your shower and beyond.

Our collection showcases stylish dresses that are designed to flatter your baby bump, no matter your size or shape. From maxi dresses to wraps, formal styles and more, we’ve got the perfect dress for the perfect baby shower. Any one of these dresses will make you feel just as chic, beautiful and comfortable than you did before you were expecting.

It’s your baby shower, and these dresses will be sure to show off your new curves and keep your baby bump at the center of attention. The perfect baby shower dress is different for every woman, but we always focus great style, impeccable design, and luxurious comfort. At Belly Dance Maternity we’ve made it our mission to deliver dresses, tops, bottoms and more that fulfill every one of those needs. Browse our wide selection and you’re sure to find a dress that’s perfect for you and your baby.

These dresses also make fantastic gifts for expecting mothers. Baby showers aren’t just a great occasion to celebrate a new life, they’re a great time to give mothers the fashions they need to keep feeling great throughout the pregnancy. A beautiful maternity dress is invaluable to any stylish mom-to-be, and with our choice collection there’s something for everyone. Read More...

Q and A

Will I be able to wear my baby shower dress my entire pregnancy?

Our clothes are designed to stretch with you, and accommodate your changing body. In most cases you should be able to wear these dresses throughout your term, and even beyond. Remember that even if you do outgrow a dress, you’ll be able to wear it again as you transition back to your pre-pregnancy size.

Can I wear these clothes once I’ve had my baby?

Definitely! One of our goals is to produce clothing that is every bit as chic and beautiful as “regular” attire, and with many of our pieces you’ll never want to put them back in storage. Practically, these clothes will also be great for when you start transitioning back to your normal shape - unfortunately it doesn’t happen overnight!