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When you are pregnant, you need clothes that are comfortable, but that doesn’t mean you’re condemned to your old sweatpants! More and more women are discovering that they feel good when they know they look good, and this is where maternity maxi dresses can come in. Maternity maxi dresses are feminine without being constricting, and you’ll find that they are easy on comfort and style.

Maternity maxi dresses are typically soft, stretchy, and easy to put on. They are flattering through the chest and have plenty of room to accommodate your growing belly.

Maxi dresses are comfortable, easy, hip, and stylish. During the hot months of the year, they keep you cool, and during the colder months, you can layer and stay comfortable. A maxi dress is a fantastic choice for any stage of your pregnancy.

When you want to be fashionable and comfortable during your pregnancy, you’ll find that there are many different maternity dresses to choose from at Belly Dance Maternity. Consider a fun tie-dyed tube dress for a casual evening outing. For something more formal, choose an asymmetrical black wrap dress with a column skirt. You’ll discover that maxi dresses have a style for everyone, and that you can look great as your belly grows.

Q and A

Will I be able to wear my maternity maxi dresses throughout my pregnancy?

Almost definitely. They are designed for growing bellies. The fabric chosen for maxi dresses is generally stretchy and forgiving. Even if you feel that you are outgrowing a particular dress, make sure to hold on to it. After the delivery, it will be a great piece of transition clothing as you go back to your pre-pregnancy bod.

Why are there so many maxi dresses in maternity wear?

Maxi dresses are fun, flirty and flattering! They are also a fab way to look chic while staying cool in the warmer months. Some v neck maxi dresses also lend themselves well to nursing!

Why do you also carry non-maternity maxis?

Here at Belly Dance we’ve fallen in love with several maxis to that happen to work very well with growing bellies!

Can I wear these clothes once I’ve had my baby?

Of course! The highest compliment you can pay a maternity dress is to keep wearing it long after you’ve had your baby. We only stock dresses that are beautiful and chic enough for your favorite high-end retail stores and boutiques, and we love it when our customers choose to keep wearing them. On the more practical side, you will also need a small wardrobe of transition clothes for after your baby is born - your body needs time to return to its original shape.

How do I make my maternity maxi dress work for my black tie event or work?

These dresses are often beautiful and formal enough to stand alone, but if you would like to glam it up then you could add statement jewelry and fabulous accessories. There’s nothing like a great dress, unless it’s a great dress and a striking necklace and some gorgeous earrings!