Olian Maternity Clothes


Founded by Lili Del Cueto, Olian is a giant in the designer maternity industry. Their designs include tops, bottoms, and dresses - each one unique, on-trend, and fashionable.

Olian grew out of Del Cueto’s own pregnancy. Confronted with a dearth of truly stylish options for pregnant women, she resolved to simply design them herself, often working out of her parents home. Olian maternity was born, and the maternity fashion world was thrilled. Olian is now a worldwide brand with a reach into over 500 maternity boutiques, including of course Belly Dance Maternity.

Olian maternity clothes are committed to the idea that an expecting mother never has to sacrifice her style or her commitment to fashion just because of pregnancy. Olian designs their clothes as if there were going to be worn far beyond the pregnancy itself - and they often are! This commitment to quality has been the cornerstone of their success, and a big reason why so many women choose Olian.

Del Cueto still serves as the lead designer at Olian, and she builds her silhouettes by going out into the real world of shopping centers and streets, keeping her finger on the pulse of what is “now” when it comes to fashion. Olian designs aren’t based on projections or predictions about what women will want to wear - they’re based on real research into the clothes and styles of real women. She is especially enamored of Miami, saying it’s “Definitively a great place to witness and develop your fashion cues – its people are beautiful and very fashion forward. It is easy to dream-up beautiful silhouettes in any combination of colors by just watching people walk through malls.”

Olian has several items that have become major customer favorites here at Belly Dance Maternity. They do a great job of designing and building beautiful maternity pants, as evidenced by the Olian Charcoal Vertigo Rolldown Maternity Pant, the Vertigo Rolldown Maternity Pant, and the Olian Vertigo Straight Leg Pant. They also make a fantastic blazer perfect for work, nights out, and business casual - the Olian Vertigo Maternity Blazer.

All of these products and more are why we’re proud to carry fashions and designs from Olian Maternity.