J Brand Maternity Jeans

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J Brand Maternity, as with all J Brand designs, is all about jeans. Jeans that are classic, stylish, and sophisticated with a perfect fit. Denim is the material of choice, and they’ve created a memorable and beautiful line of jeans for expecting mothers that are every bit as fashionable, well crafted and sleek as their non-maternity counterparts.

J Brand is the brainchild of Jeff Rudes, a legend in the denim and jean industries. Having developed the first “French” jeans in the 70's and continuing on to produce sportswear, develop skinny jeans, and the pioneer the return of the bell bottom, he has truly made his mark on the industry in a positive and lasting way. Maternity jeans are just the next step forward.

The original dream for J Brand was that the jean would fit so perfectly it would literally follow the curve of your body rather than be defined by it. Every expecting mother knows how incredibly fit is for comfort and for feeling confident, beautiful, and stylish in your favorite jeans.

J Brand has become one of the most popular and well stocked luxury brands the world over, found at stores in many countries and, of course, right here at Belly Dance Maternity.

The most popular items from the J Brand selection are the J Brand Denim Pitch Maternity Legging, the J Brand Denim Heritage Straight Leg Maternity Jean, the J Brand Denim Palisade Skinny Jean, and the J Brand Denim Maternity Legging. All of these items are stunning to look at and even more amazing to wear. Get yours today.