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Ingrid & Isabel has become a major design label over the last ten years, and it all started with a single great idea - the BellaBand. This ingenious little product has become one of the most popular maternity items and a favorite of all our customers.

Ingrid & Isabel was a business, like so many other maternity labels, that was born out of necessity. Ingrid Carney was getting ready for work one morning when pregnant with her first child, Isabel - and all the sudden it seemed her pants just didn’t fit anymore over her first trimester baby bump. What to do, except buy new clothes?

The BellaBand was the answer. She developed a wide elastic band that could simply slip around the hips and the tops of whatever pants, skirts or shorts that no longer fit. The band smoothed out the top of the pants, creating a seamless surface. But more importantly it allowed the pants to be worn unbuttoned and unzipped. This was a breakthrough - a maternity device that didn’t force you to buy new clothes! You could simply continue to wear your old ones, perfectly adapted with a BellaBand. Ingrid realized her invention was too good to keep for herself, and Ingrid & Isabel was born as a brand.

With a background in business marketing, Ingrid was able to design, test, and bring to market the first official BellaBands in 2003. In the intervening decade, the BellaBand has become an essential part of the up to date fashionista's wardrobe.

Of course, it’s not all about a single product. Ingrid & Isabel has expanded to include beautiful lines of maternity clothing for every shape and every woman. They also have a line of beautiful clothes for after the pregnancy, nursing, and beyond. Their main design priorities, as you may guess from the BellaBand, are high functionality, wearability, and comfort. They’ve even developed their own fabrics to meet the particular needs of the expectant mother.

The most popular Ingrid & Isabel products beyond the BellaBand are the White Everyday Maternity Cami, the Black Everyday Maternity Cami, Ingrid & Isabel Belly Leggings, Capri Leggings, Low Rise Leggings, and the White and Black Ruched Maternity Tank. Comfort and style are big priorities for the company.

We’re very proud at Belly Dance Maternity to offer our customers products from one of the most forward thinking firms in the business, Ingrid & Isabel.