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The BellaBand is the brainchild of Ingrid Carney, the founder and owner of Ingrid & Isabel. Since its introduction to the world a decade ago, the BellaBand has truly made its mark in the world of maternity. This amazing product has become an absolute essential for everyone who’s expecting, and it’s a must gift have for baby showers.

Carney developed the product almost by accident. One morning, while pregnant with her daughter Isabel (the namesake of the company), she realized that her pants simply didn’t fit anymore. She was on the way to work - but it’s hard to get anywhere when you can’t button your pants over your growing belly bump. But she quickly developed a somewhat idiosyncratic solution. Using a wide band of elastic, she realized she could hold up her pants while at the same time smoothing out the top of them and eliminating bunching. And just like that, she had altered her pants, comfortably and cheaply. With no buttoning and no zipping, her old pants, skirts and shorts could last much longer and she wouldn’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe.

This was a real milestone in the world of specialized maternity clothing. With the BellaBand you could simply continue to wear your old bottoms. Ingrid & Isabel was quickly born.

Ingrid used her business acumen to quickly start the new business in 2003, with a fully tested and perfected BellaBand. They’ve been a staple of maternity outlets and boutiques ever since.

Now there are many different types of BellaBands to choose from, including a lace version that gives you the opportunity to create cute layered looks with the rest of your clothes (you don’t have to hid the band at all). There are several colors to choose from as well. One of the simplest but most ingenious design features of the band is that you can fold it over to double the strength of its hold or simply minimize its size. This amazing product is something every maternity store should have very well stocked, and we’re pleased to offer it to you in all its glory at Belly Dance Maternity.