Size Guide

Maternity Sizing

General Maternity Fit

We understand shopping for maternity clothes can be confusing, so we have created size charts below.  There is some size deviation brand to brand, so these measurements will not always be exact, but it is a good place to start.  In general, our customers buy their first maternity clothes between weeks 8-14.  Our sizing is based on pre-pregnancy size, and customers should not have to size up from pre-pregnancy size.  For example, if a customer wears a size small pre-pregnancy, she should shop for a size small, not a size medium.  In addition, customers do not need to move up a size throughout pregnancy.  Maternity clothes are intended to grow with the belly, so a customer wearing a size small should not always have to buy a size medium in the third trimester.  In general, the first things customers shop for are a BellaBand before they are ready for maternity pants and jeans once they are ready for maternity pants.  The size charts below should help with those fits as well. In addition, the models on our site are wearing primarily size small styles or size 27 jeans.

General Maternity Fit Guide



Designer Denim Fit

Most customers shop for jeans between 8-14 weeks of pregnancy.  Please use pre-pregnancy jean sizing as shown in chart below.  There is no guarantee that maternity jeans will fit throughout pregnancy, but often they do and, if a customer finds them uncomfortable at the end of third trimester, jeans are also a perfect option to wear as a customer transitions into her pre-pregnancy wardrobe after baby.

Maternity Denim Fit Guide

Designer Maternity Denim Guide



BellaBand Fit

Customers often buy the BellaBand in the first trimester.  This band allows customers to wear their pre-pregnancy pants for a longer time, using the band to hold up the pants with unbuttoned, unzipped pants.  Some customers also like to wear the BellaBand during pregnancy to keep their pants more secure and after the baby, as they transition back to pre-pregnancy wear.

BellaBand Sizing Guide

Nursing Sizing

Many of our customers shop for nursing clothes, as they often can be worn throughout pregnancy as well.  In addition, customers sometimes find themselves wearing their nursing clothes for longer than the months they wore their maternity clothes.

There are various nursing styles as follows:

Nursing Clothing Styles



Nursing Bra Size Charts

A good nursing bra is important.  It is best to measure for a nursing bra as close to delivery date as possible.  We have included size charts for our most popular brand below.


Before you start:

  • Make sure you are wearing an unpadded bra that is not a compression or sports bra
  • Stand straight and relaxed, with your arms down, and breathe normally
  • If you can, ask someone to help you measure
  • If you're doing this solo, measure yourself in front of a mirror


Nursing Bra Measurement

Nursing Bra Chest Measurement


Bella Materna

Bella Materna Bra Measurement



Boob Nursing Bra Sizing