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Heidi Klum Maternity Wardrobe


When you think of the goddess of fertility you probably imagine Heidi Klum. There isn’t another woman out there that’s made 4 pregnancies look so good. Obviously a lot of it is in her genes, but it’s also in her style. Throughout all 4 pregnancies Heidi Klum maintained a style that was chic and effortless. Heidi gets that finding the right shapes for your body are key and prefers skinny jeans, like JBrand's Maternity Legging and, blousy tops for the early stages of her pregnancies and then shows off her bump in form-fitting styles as her belly grows. Whether she was wearing a flowy top or showing off her bump Heidi always looked fabulous and consistent. During the day Heidi have had a more chic, understated look, but on the red carpet she would pull out all the stops. Her red carpet style was the epitome of glamorous. Every detail of her look was thought out and beautiful. From her many trips to the playground to her walks down the red carpet Heidi always looked like a goddess.