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Angelina Jolie has completely recreated herself in recent years, especially since she has had children. While she used to sport a rocker, goth style she has now moved to a minimal, timeless look. In everyday life Jolie keeps things very simple. She always favors black which works well for her. Jolie has strong features like her eyes and her lips. Simple black dresses enhance her beauty instead of distract from it - NOM's Little Black Dress would be perfect on her. Angelina also knows the importance of her clothes having the proper fit and this adds to her seemingly perfect style. Always polished, she is always seen in age-appropriate and context appropriate styles that show off her sophisticated sexiness. Her everyday style worked so well during her pregnancy because she was able to stay comfortable and yet look chic. On the red carpet Jolie really lets her old Hollywood glam style shine. Her look is always incredibly sexy, yet simple and effortless.