Alicia Keys Maternity Wardrobe


Alicia Keys is known for her chic, body conscience, urban style. She's laid back, yet funky; fashion forward, yet elegant. She is able to pull off this mix-and-match look by keeping balance to her wardrobe. If Alicia is wearing skinny jeans and knee high leather boots, she'll pair it with a flirty, feminine blouse. If she's wearing a tailored pant, she'll top it off with a structured jacket. Not afraid of bold colors and prints, Alicia often incorporates these into her outfits. Alicia also understands that accessories are meant to make a statement. Often seen wearing a fun, trendy hat or big, chunky earrings, Alicia knows that great accessories can make or break an outfit. She has been able to carry over her personal style into her pregnancy well by continuing to wear body hugging styles and showing off her new curves. She also continues to mix and match styles and accessories to keep her unique look. Alicia definitely proves that pregnancy can be sexy!