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Maternity bottoms are of course one of the absolute essentials when it comes to creating a pregnancy wardrobe. Skirts, jeans, khakis, work pants - these are the building blocks of a comfortable, classic, stylish maternity closet. And at Belly Dance Maternity we’ve stocked the best of each, in a big range of styles and cuts, from the best maternity designers.

Every pregnancy has that “uh-oh” moment when you realize that your favorite pair of pants is no longer comfortable to wear. And that’s usually in the first trimester. It’s often hard to gauge how much your body is going to change, how many iterations of maternity bottoms you’ll need, or how to make your current pants work with your current body. All that makes shopping for maternity bottoms a bit daunting, but at Belly Dance Maternity we’ve made the process easy, fun, and, of course, in style.

One of our favorite products solves your first problem - your regular pants and skirts are no longer fitting you they way they should. It’s called the BellaBand, and it’s one of the best things to happen to maternity clothing since pregnancy! The BellaBand allows you to continue wearing the clothes you love for as long as possible. The soft, stretchy band wraps around you and keeps your clothes in place without having to button or zip them. Voila, you’ve extended the life of that pair of jeans you just can’t live without.

Soon of course the BellaBand alone won’t be enough, and you’ll need to take a look at some of our comfortable maternity bottoms. We’ve got fabulous jeans in a variety of styles, washes and cuts, and the same goes for skirts, dress pants, and casual khakis. We’ve got capris, shorts, and everything in between, all designed by the most respected labels in the maternity industry.

Many customers dread shopping for maternity bottoms, but the great styles at Belly Dance Maternity make shopping fun, easy, and fulfilling. No matter what kind of bottom you’re looking for, whether you need something for work, evenings out, or lazy weekends at home, we’ve got something just right for you and your baby bump. These are bottoms for every size and pregnancy - for every mom-to-be. Get what you need at Belly Dance Maternity today.


Q and A

I’m pregnant and panicking about my corporate work attire? Will find work appropriate pants?

Whether you go to work in a court room or an elementary school we have pants that will not only fit and flatter, but will also feel comfortable throughout your pregnancy. Our dress pants come in a variety of cuts and colors, and rest assured most will pair perfectly with many of your pre-pregnancy blazers and blouses.

What about for business casual- I’m looking for a narrow leg, tailored pant?

Yes, we definitely cater to those looking for a slim leg, whether it is a skinny jean, ponti pant or narrow dress pant.

I’ve never been pregnant before. Where do I start with maternity wear?

There’s no right or wrong time to start buying your maternity wardrobe. Generally, as soon as you start feeling uncomfortable, start looking. Until you’ve felt the relief of slipping into your first pair of tailored maternity pants, you haven’t known heaven. Tee shirts, underwear, and sleepwear are also great to buy ahead of time if you want to stay proactive. 

How do maternity jeans work?

Maternity jeans are like your normal favorite jeans with just a few tweaks to accommodate your bump. Most designers use the same denim to make their maternity jeans as they do their regular jeans, which means you should expect the normal amount of stretching out that comes with wearing jeans. The real innovation comes with the band.

When it comes to maternity denim bands everyone is different, but we’ve been noticing a trend of demi and underbelly bands. People love this style because they can wear this style during and after pregnancy as you’re transitioning back to your pre-prego bod.

What kind of undergarments should I wear while I’m growing?

Comfortable, attractive, and varied. We’ve got a fully stocked lingerie section to take care of your every need, including bras, panties, hosiery, camisoles, and more.

Who are the best designers when it comes to maternity bottoms?

NOM, Olian, Ingrid & Isabel, and Ripe are all great labels when it comes to maternity bottoms, but all of our products are beautifully designed and carefully crafted. 

Tell me more about this BellaBand I keep hearing about.

The BellaBand is a great first maternity purchase. Our customers love it because it allows them to wear their favorite bottoms longer, and they don't have to immediately replace their entire wardrobe. The BellaBand works by creating a wide elastic band that holds your pants, skirts, jeans and shorts up without having to button or zip them. The band itself is hidden underneath a great maternity top. It's a completely invaluable tool for anyone's maternity wardrobe.

Can I continue to wear pre-pregnancy dress pants with the BellaBand?

For sure. Many of our customers maximize their pre-pregnancy work wardrobe by using the BellaBand. The BellaBand will keep your pants up and allow you to unbutton them to make room for your growing belly. Don’t be surprised when you reach the point where you no longer want or are able to make your old pants work.

Will the BellaBand fit in three months?

It's hard to say, because every pregnancy is different. That's one of the reasons the BellaBand is such a great tool - it extends the life of your clothes. Many individuals reach a point in their pregnancy where it no longer feels comfortable using the BellaBand, and they decide to invest in maternity bottoms. Maternity bottoms are designed specifically for a changing body and most come with built in elasticity, making them more likely to last through the long haul.

I'm a stay at home mom, and maternity bottom recommendations for a casual lifestyle?

Absolutely! We have a wide selection of denim ranging from boyfriend jeans to skinny jeans and everything in between. You won't regret investing in a pair of premium denim, as you will likely live in them throughout your entire pregnancy. We also have fantastic maternity leggings, which will feel just as comfortable after you have the baby. Be sure to also check out our selection of corduroys by NOM and Paige Jeans.

I work in a business setting and am concerned about finding work appropriate trousers. Any suggestions?

Look no further because we have a WIDE selection of dress pants as well as skirts. Our selection includes beautifully tailored pants in both black and charcoal, which will effortlessly blend into to your work wardrobe. Whether you prefer a narrow leg or a wide leg, there are a multitude of professional bottoms available. With so many choices it can feel overwhelming so please feel free to call or come in and one of our team members will be more than happy to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Plan to look just as polished and professional in your maternity work wear.

Will I be able to wear any maternity bottoms after I have the baby?

You most definitely will appreciate your maternity bottoms several months after having the baby. Maternity clothing is specifically designed to be stylish and comfortable, so you will absolutely love coming home from the hospital to some of your favorite maternity bottoms. Your friends and family will be none the wiser even when you wear your favorite maternity jeans a year or so after having the baby.

How many bottom pieces should I plan to need?

Building a maternity wardrobe is specific to each individual. It's a special time in your life, but it can be a long nine months if you aren't feeling comfortable in your clothes. We recommend buying as you need. If you're a jeans girl, you won't regret purchasing a few pairs. If you prefer a dressier look then look for a few pairs of trousers in different colors or cuts. All of the designs are intended to last throughout your entire pregnancy, so look for a variety of styles and you will have a wider range to choose from everyday. Having a few pairs of maternity go-tos will help you start each day with a smile.

I can't get enough of the Ingrid & Isabel leggings, what tops pair best with them?

Any long top or tunic pairs perfectly with the Ingrid & Isabel maternity legging. For fall, tuck the leggings into boots and throw on a longer sweater and you will look fashion forward and feel fantastic. It's just as easy to dress the leggings up for a night on the town, pair them with heels, a blouse or a dressier tunic you will be golden.