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Nothing says warm weather comfort quite like a fantastic pair of shorts. When you’re planning a vacation or simply gearing up for the summer, finding the right pair of stylish shorts is a real priority. At Belly Dance Maternity we’ve made it easy by finding the very best maternity shorts and bringing them all under one roof. We’ve got every style, material, designer and cut you could want to start building your perfect summer wardrobe.

Our fabulous shorts are designed by designers like Ripe, Olian, Jules & Jim, Maternal America, and more. Each designers brings great taste, fashion forward style, and impeccable maternity construction to every garment, and the attention to detail and quality really shows. Get ready to show off those legs and get into a pair of fabulous, fashionable maternity shorts.

For a classic maternity short, try the selections from Ripe. Stylish and comfortable, these are a must-have if you’re pregnant during the summer. For a comfy short that can take you from day to night, check out the offering from NOM, our in-house brand. If you’re looking for trendy maternity shorts, seasonal styles by brands like Olian Maternity and Jules & Jim Maternity are perfect for you.

Whether you’re getting ready for summer, heading to a tropical island for your babymoon, or living in a warm climate, Belly Dance Maternity has a wide assortment of maternity shorts to keep you feeling cool and looking fabulous. From thigh bearing to knee-length styles, in cotton and twills, Belly Dance Maternity is sure to have the perfect style for you in a variety of colors and cuts to suit every mom-to-be.

Q and A

Won’t my baby bump make it difficult to wear shorts?

Not at all! Shorts are a great choice for moms-to-be that are dealing with heat, an upcoming vacation, or just a generally warm climate. They keep your legs cool and keep you and your baby bump in style. Maternity shorts are designed to be worn easily, even late in your term. Special waistbands (some are high and cover your bump, others are slung low) make wearing them easy, comfortable, and of course fashionable.

What are the best designers when it comes to maternity shorts?

Designers like Ripe, NOM, and Olian really know what they’re doing when it comes to creating beautiful, trendy, and durable maternity shorts. These clothes will make you feel confident, cool, and collected. 

Can I continue to wear the kinds of shorts I wear now?

Definitely! Not only have we collected and designed plenty of great maternity shorts for you to choose from (all of which are derived from the most up-to-date fashion standards of regular women’s shorts), we also offer the revolutionary BellaBand, which allows you to literally continue wearing your current favorite pair of shorts. Simply slip the wide elastic band around the top of your current shorts, and you can wear them unbuttoned and unzipped with total confidence (and with a lot more breathing room!). The BellaBand never rides up or loses its grip - and you can choose to hide it or show it, creating a layered look.

Maternity shorts are hard to find, do you carry a good selection?

We do! We always try to have a nice selection of maternity shorts in stock during the warmer months. We know it can be hot business being pregnant and we try to make it easy to keep cool!

What makes the shorts you carry maternity?

Our maternity shorts always have a more comfortable band solution than non-maternity shorts. We carry a lot of drawstring, over belly and paneled waist bands so you can stay comfortable!