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Pants are one of the most difficult items to get exactly right when it comes to filling out your maternity closet. That’s why they’re also one of the most important, and why at Belly Dance Maternity we’ve dedicated ourselves to finding the best styles, the best materials, the best fits, and the best designs there are when it comes to maternity pants. We’ve contracted with renowned designers throughout the country to bring you the very best in pants of every stripe - including Maternal America, Ingrid & Isabel, Ripe, DL1961, Paige, NOM, and more.

Maternity pants are so essential because they fit into every part of your day, and into every part of your life. You need great pants for work, pants for lounging at home, pants for going out, and pants for special occasions. You needs pants in all different colors, styles, and levels of sophistication. You need jeans, khakis, capris, and more. Need a dressy black pant for a night out? Try Jules & Jim for a chic, stylish look. Want a comfy, casual pant for running errands? Then NOM and Ingrid & Isabel will be sure to have the perfect pant just for you.

Leggings are a big part of any maternity wardrobe that focuses on comfort (aka, every maternity wardrobe!) Leggings are a stylish but casual and comfortable pant that can work with lots of different tops, outfits, and occasions. The process of buying the right pant at Belly Dance Maternity is easy - we’ve picked the very best of the very best, and all you have to do is find what’s right for you and get that perfect fit. We also keeps ourselves well stocked with the essential BellaBand, which allows you to continue to use your current pants well into your pregnancy.

Jeans are another big part of the finding the perfect maternity pant. Comfortable and adaptable to nearly any social or work related situation, jeans are a must have for every mom-to-be.

Buying the right maternity pants can be daunting for some customers, so at Belly Dance Maternity we strive to make it easy. We do that by stocking only the best and brightest, curating our clothes so that we reflect the most up to date and in-style designs, and stocking plenty of options and sizes so that every woman and every pregnancy can get the clothes she deserves. Maternity pants from Belly Dance Maternity are the top of the line.


Q and A

What are the most essential maternity pants for me to buy?

Jeans, leggings, and pants that you can work and go out in are the most essential items in your pregnancy wardrobe. You want to choose things that are flexible, comfortable, and of course stylish enough to satisfy your inner fashionista. We make that easy with our large selections of maternity pants that fit every need and suit every fashion. 

Can I wear the same things I wear now?

Yes. There are analogues for every kind of standard pant in the world of maternity clothing. That goes for skinny jeans, capris, boot cuts - you name it, and you can get it at Belly Dance Maternity, and all from the very top designers in the industry. 

You can also literally wear the same things you wear now for the first part of your pregnancy. A simple BellaBand allows you to extend the life of your current pants far into your term. Simply apply the BellaBand around the top of your current pants and you can wear them unbuttoned, unzipped, but completely secure and fashionably. The BellaBand doesn’t ride up, and you can either hide it or let it show, achieving a layered look.

What makes maternity pants, maternity?

The idea behind maternity pants is that you can keep your fashion up to date but still have all the comforts of maternity wear. Most maternity pants have some sort of modified waistband to accommodate your growing belly. Generally, they are made of fabrics with more stretch to them.

What kind of bands should I expect with my maternity pants?

It's all in the details. We know finding the right fit can be quite an adventure, so here's the maternity 411: a quick guide to what kind of options you have when it comes to band fit.

Underbelly – This is your basic across the front band. This style sits low, allowing your bump to grow and supporting you as you do so. The back looks just like a pair of non-maternity pants.

Hidden Tabs – Have you ever seen toddler pants before? It's the same basic idea. Elastic sitting inside the band can be tightened or loosened as needed and held in place by buttons. These also sit low under your belly, and are great while you're growing and wonderful after the baby as you get back in to your pants.

Belly Panel – Stretchy elastic panel pulls up over your bump holding your pants up where they belong. We find this style is very comfortable for women who are nearing the end of their pregnancy as the belly fills out the panel.

Pocket panel – Built in stretchy side panels allow these pants to expand as your belly grows. Nice and inconspicuous as the jeans have a zipper and button, true to non-maternity jean fashion.

You just can't go wrong with any premium maternity denim or pant as the different bands cater to the personal preference of each mom-to-be. Our team will be happy to assist you in finding your perfect match!

What kind of maternity pants do you carry other than denim?

We have a great selection of work pants, casual pants and will always have a denim alternative like cords, khakis or lounge pants in store!