Designer Maternity Jeans and Denim

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Jeans are one of the staples of any wardrobe. When you’re pregnant, that certainly doesn’t change - in fact a great pair of jeans that fits perfectly and keeps you comfortable is even more important than before. At Belly Dance Maternity we’re stocked with jeans in many styles, cuts and colors. More importantly, we’re stocked with the latest designs from the hippest brands in the maternity world, including JBrand, Citizens of Humanity, Paige, and DL1961. And that’s just the beginning.

You deserve a fabulous pair of jeans. We make sure to carry a wide range of styles and prices to fit every need, every pregnancy, and every woman. Our maternity jeans come in boot cut, straight leg, skinny leg, and more. Fit is the most important thing when it comes to choosing the right pant, and we’ve made sure to stock a wide range of sizes that correspond to every pregnancy (and don’t forget about the BellaBand).

Everyone feels great in their favorite pair of jeans and that doesn’t end when you become pregnant. A fabulous fitting pair of maternity jeans is one of the key pieces of any maternity wardrobe. At Belly Dance Maternity, we offer the widest selection of maternity jeans in a variety of styles, washes, and prices. From chic, tailored maternity jeans for the office or fashionable, trendy maternity jeans for dinners out with the dad-to-be, we have something for everyone. With styles by JBrand Maternity, DL1961, Paige Maternity Jeans and Citizens of Humanity Maternity, Belly Dance will keep your growing bump dressed in style. Read More...

Q and A

What jean styles are available for the maternity crowd? Can I wear anything I wore before I was pregnant?

Absolutely every style you could wear before is still represented at Belly Dance Maternity. Our jeans are the last word in style, fit, and comfort. If you’re enamored of your favorite pair of skinny jeans, we’ve got something for you. If you’re more of a straight leg gal, step right up. Our maternity jeans are built to be every bit as fashionable and attractive as anything you’ll find in a regular store, and our specialized maternity designers are creating new things every day. Designers like Citizens of Humanity, DL1961, Paige, and more.

Another thing to remember is that with the right article of clothing you can actually continue to wear the amazing jeans you already own. With a BellaBand you can extend the life of your old pants, including jeans, for quite a while. Simply slip the wide elastic band around your current pair of jeans and you can wear them unbuttoned and unzipped - an instant alteration. 

Who are the best maternity jeans designers?

Customer favorites include Paige Maternity, Citizens of Humanity, DL1961, and J Brand. But every fashionista is different, and we carry products from a very wide range of designers, labels, and sources. At Belly Dance Maternity, you are sure to find the perfect pair of jeans for you and your growing baby bump.

I'm overwhelmed by the maternity jean options. What's a good place to start?

First of all, we absolutely love helping customers find their perfect maternity denim so do not hesitate to ask for guidance. One place to begin is by cut. Do you prefer a skinny, boot or an ankle jean? Or if you love particular brand then start there. Once you dive in you'll fall in love with how great maternity jeans feel.

How do I know if I'll prefer an over-the-belly panel or stretchy below the belly jeans?

It is 100% a matter of personal preference. If possible, we recommend trying both options to see which speaks to you. People tend to feel passionately one way or another!

Do maternity jeans stretch?

Like your pre-pregnancy denim, maternity jeans will stretch as you wear them. If you like how they feel when stretched skip drying them after washing. Some jeans have more elastic than others so please feel free to ask.

Will maternity jeans really last throughout my entire pregnancy?

Believe it or not, yes they should. We only carry the best in maternity denim, which means that the lines are high quality and are designed specifically to cater to a growing shape. These jeans are a far cry from your mom's maternity jeans. Our customers love their maternity denim so much they are wearing them long after they have the baby.

How does maternity jean sizing work?

We recommend starting with your pre-pregnancy waist. Some jeans run differently so don't be surprised if you have to go up or down a size. The perfect jean for you is out there we swear!