Maternity Capri Pants and Maternity Cropped Pants

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Maternity capris are great for the warm months of summer. They are as cool and comfortable as shorts while maintaining the style of pants. Maternity capris and ankle pants come in many different lengths, colors and designs, so you can choose the right pants for your style. Choose between simple maternity capris made of denim or more sophisticated cotton blends. Denim in shorter lengths can be great for simply relaxing around the house or going out for a day of fun.

Other styles are available for a casual, more loungewear look. A folded skirt over leggings or a cropped legging can take you through warmer weather in style.

At Belly Dance Maternity we believe in finding the very best clothes by the very best designers and brands in the maternity industry. With our great selection of fun and fashionable maternity capris, you’re sure to find something you’ll love. Happy Shopping!

Q and A

I’m getting so hot these days; do you think capris are a good option?

Capris are a great spring, summer option whether you are pregnant or not. Pair cute capris with a chic tunic or long tank for an effortless, cool look.

What makes maternity capris different then regular capris?

Some maternity capris will be designed to pull over your growing belly. However, if you don’t care for this feel you can always fold them over so they will sit at your waist. All maternity capris are made in a stretchy fabric so they will comfortably stretch with you as you grow.