Post Pregnancy

  • Travel Relief

    You may still be expecting, but post-pregnancy you may feel the urge to resume your traveling days.  We all know that traveling is tough these days, and doing it with a tot is even tougher. Well, we have a favorite product, and it is one that we personally use and adore.  It may seem utilitarian, but the Gogo Kidz Travelmate is a parenting essential.  The Travelmate is a wheeled carseat carrier, similar to the wheels you use to pull a suitcase.  Believe us, using the Gogo Kidz Travelmate makes it a breeze to make your way through the airport.

    Gogo Kidz Travelmate

  • Breastfeeding Style

    Breastfeeding has become a much more open topic than it used to be, and celebs have certainly helped bring it to the forefront.  Will Ferrell looked great carrying his wife's breastpump as his accessory at the Golden Globe awards.  And stars such as Gwen Stefani and Gwyneth Paltrow have opened up about feeding their babes.

    Pump Source: Yahoo,

    Breastfeeding Source: Us Magazine

  • Tea Collection

    Celeb moms like Jennifer Garner, Katie Holmes, and Madonna are all fans of our favorite baby and toddler clothing line.  Tea Collection's designs take their inspiration from countries around the world and designs are sophisiticated, yet easy to wear.  The Nordic-inspired sweater dress pictured below is a favorite.  In our opinion, Tea Collection can't be beat for stylish and wearable pieces.

    Tea Collection Source: People Magazine

  • Trumpette Socks

    Attention moms-to-be...  Keep your eye out for Trumpette baby socks, for your new baby or as a gift.  These hot socks are available in fun styles and prints such as stars, camoflage, monkeys, or stripes/dots.  Also available looking like a mary jane shoe, ballet shoe, or high top.  With styles like these, no wonder these are a hit with celebs like Gwen Stefani.

    Trumpette Gwen StefaniSource: Life & Style Trumpette Socks

  • Belly Dance Maternity Launches Belly Dance Baby

    Belly Dance Baby

    Belly Dance style now takes you beyond nine months.

    Belly Dance has expanded into the baby market with the launch of Belly Dance Baby.  Available online at, Belly Dance Baby presents a well-edited and imaginative collection of the best on the baby and toddler markets.  Customers often ask what they should be buying at the end of their pregnancies, and this is our answer to the hip, cool, and comfortable for baby. 

    Belly Dance Baby is a natural extension of Belly Dance's product offering.  Pregnant customers love the selection and taste of Belly Dance Maternity, and this new business is in response to the needs of those customers.  Owner and founder Jennifer Strom Simonte says, "We have proven that we are focused on our customer during that months that she is expecting.  Our goal is to exceed her expectations and bring the hippest products for baby and nursing once she is through with maternity clothing.  We are familiar with her style, and we hope to provide the best selection before and now after her due date."

    Belly Dance Baby is a well-edited selection of the top baby brands and includes categories such as clothing, footwear, bedding, nursery decor, furniture, mealtime and bathtime gear, hip toys, diaper bags, and nursing essentials.  Brands include Skip Hop, Tea Collection, Dwell Baby, Netto Collection, blabla, Zid Zid, Oeuf, and Paulina Quintana.  Just as it has done with its maternity selection, Belly Dance Baby seeks to provide the top products in every category.  Moving forward, Belly Dance will be adding new brands and items, such as strollers, brag books, and more clothing.

    Visit Belly Dance Baby and enjoy!!

  • Post-Pregnancy Pilates

    Personally tested by our team, Karrie Adamany is the best resource for post-pregnancy pilates.  Her pilates studio, Centered, in New York City is totally focused on women.  And Karrie's book, Post-Pregnancy Pilates, is a great guide for body after baby.

    Check out her website and book.  We promise she can help you feel healthy and fit-inside and out.

    Post-Pregnancy Pilates

  • Celebrate Your Little Pumpkin

    We love Kee-Ka.  One of the cutest baby brands with the perfect graphic for this Fall.  Give a gift to yourself or your favorite little pumpkin.


  • Mariska Hargitay At Belly Dance Maternity

    Mariska Hargitay was a fun, stylish customer.

    Among other pieces, check out the hip Petunia Pickle Bottom bag that she bought.

    Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bags

  • StorkSak Gigi Diaper Bag

    The "it" bag this year, the StorkSak Gigi has been spotted on Angelina Jolie often.  Seen in People, US Magazine, InStyle, and Life & Style, this bag is both sleek and useful-a match that is hard to make with diaper bags.  We are always on the lookout for cool new bags, and this is it.StorkSak Gigi Diaper Bag



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