True Life: 27 Weeks

Preggers Maternity Tights

Maternal America Cashmere DressPreggers ‘Cocoa’ Tights, Banana Republic Boots

In cold months (so, all the time in Chicago this year) I am a sweater dress, tights and boots girl through and through. It’s an easy, comfortable look that has always been my fallback on those mornings when I’m particularly indecisive or sluggish. I was pretty bummed when my regular tights started to get uncomfortable – I didn’t know if a thick and durable pair of maternity tights existed. Enter Preggers. I’ll admit the word ‘compression’ scared me a bit, but once I put these on I was sold. They are so well-made and are just a perfect fit (I did size up to a medium). They have toe and heel reinforcements (never again put your tights on backwards!) and come all the way up to your bra line, but do not restrict your growing belly. I also never fiddle with them during the day, they stay right where they're supposed to all day long. I haven't had any issues with blood flow or swelling yet – perhaps these tights have something to do with it! I bought the sock version for a flight next week, but have already been wearing them as boot socks.

I think great fitting accessories/hosiery/lingerie is one of the things we pregnant women tend to skimp on, thinking ‘why spend the money for only 9 months of wear?’ Trust me, you will not be disappointed in Preggers and will be digging them out of the hamper to wear day after day (who has time for laundry anyway??).

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