Trend Watch: Stripes for Days

Stripes blog

1.Ripe Relaxed Slub Stripe Top 2.Olian Lucy Stripe Tunic  3.Olian Gina Dress 4.Ripe Stripe Print Veronica Top 5.Olian Mara Dress

One trend we're happy to see stick around season after season is horizontal stripes. The preppy, nautical take on stripes is an enduring classic - Olian and Ripe have hit that nail on the head with the Gina dress (3) and the Veronica top (4). New spins on the trend are equally as adorable. Try slub stripes in bright colors from Ripe, drapey black and white stripes or colorblocked stripes, both from Olian. As for that myth that horizontal stripes make you look bigger - throw it out to sea.

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