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From shopping to eating to photography, these days you can literally find, buy, or track whatever you need right from the palm of your hand.  Luckily for pregnant women, there are a variety of great apps to guide you through the next nine months.

There are apps that offer tools like weekly trackers that let you know what to expect each week of pregnancy and places to store information from your doctors’ visits such as your weight, ultrasound photographs, and fetal heart rate.  Some apps focus on health information like drug safety lists, prenatal exercise, and nutrition guides, while others focus on practical matters like planning for the baby and packing a hospital bag.  And then there are apps just for fun—think shower games you can play on your cell phone!

In addition to the pregnancy apps, we’re excited to see some new apps emerging for women trying to conceive.  One such app, called Glow, currently pending approval in the Apple App Store, is designed to be a fertility tracker slash financial tool for would-be parents.

We love ABC News’ recent list of the 12 best apps covering conception to birth and beyond!

Just remember; most apps aren’t approved or monitored by medical professionals, so always check with your doctor if you have any questions or concerns about your pregnancy.

What are your favorite pregnancy apps?

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