Winter Warmth

From Belly Dance: Olian Brooke TunicMaternal America Bootcut Jean

From Your Closet: Tan Herringbone Blazer, Black Peeptoe Heels, Black Braided Leather Clutch, Bright Colored Beaded Bracelet 

Add some warmth into this cold weather. Spring isn't too far away, but it's still pretty cold throughout most of the country. Add some warmth into your day with sunny colors from Belly Dance Maternity. For this look we really wanted to highlight the gold, yellow and tan colors. The Olian Brooke Tunic features a cheerful, bright yellow. Compliment that with a tan blazer. We combined the loose, tunic style of the Olian maternity top with a wide leg, bootcut maternity denim from Maternal America to give this look a very bohemian style. Add some pop of color in with a very bright beaded bracelet. We chose a fun, bright purple, yellow and purple clash and compliment at the same time. Feel comfortable and cheerful with this look.