Baby Blues

From Belly Dance: Electric Blue Front Tie DressSeraphine Black Over Bump Sheer Tights

From Your Closet: Gold Chain Link Necklace, Gold Bangles, Shimmery Clutch, Black Sunglasses, Black Pumps

Got the baby blues? Add a different kind of blue into your life with this gorgeous electric blue maternity dress from Olian. This bright, vibrant, electric blue is perfect for any skin tone. We decided to give this dress a very sophisticated, glam feel. Chain link necklaces are very in right now and the low v-neck cut on this maternity dress is perfect for showing off  a statement piece necklace. Accessorize with some gold bangles and some black sunglasses for an extra little bit of glam. Don't forget a super sexy heel and you're sure to turn those baby blues right around.