Dress Up Your Denim

From Belly Dance: DL1961 Angel Ankle Jean, Michael Stars Black Surplice Maternity Top

From Your Closet: Tan Blazer, Faux Fur Vest, Black Leather Pumps, Black Braided Clutch, Diamond Drop Earrings, Sunglasses, Red Lipstick

Style up your maternity denim. Take your maternity jeans to a whole new level with this look. We took the DL1961 Angel Ankle Maternity Jean and jazzed it up to a look that's worthy of the runway. In NYC in the winter it's all about the layers. We started with the Michael Stars Black Surplice Maternity Top and layered a tan herringbone blazer on top of it, next we layered on a faux fur vest. To really glam this look up with threw on some diamond drop earrings, black sunglasses and some sexy heels. Don't forget the finishing touch, red lipstick. Now strut yourself down 5th Ave!