Not Just a Dress

From Belly Dance: Rachael Pally Bonbon Long Sleeveless Caftan Dress

From Your Closet: Your Husbands Black Button Down, Leather Gloves, Floppy Hat, Bright Colored Purse, Chunky Heeled Shoe

When you're building a brand new wardrobe that is only going to last a limited amount of time it's very important that you get creative with the pieces that you choose. The Rachael Pally Bonbon Long Sleeveless Caftan Dress is the perfect maternity dress to wear a dozen different ways. In this look who showed how you can take the maternity maxi dress and turn it into a skirt. Another secret to this look, that's a borrowed button down shirt! Take advantage of your husbands over sized clothes. Raid his closet for a button down and tie it above your belly for a very chic look. Our last little secret about this look is that the Rachael Pally Dress isn't even maternity, you can wear it after. What a great investment.