Breakfast on Hudson St

From Belly Dance: Olian Black Ponti Maternity Dress, Olian Herringbone Jacket

From Your Closet: Multi Strand Pearl Necklace, Pearl Bracelets, Chain Link detailed Purse, Bow detailed Peeped Toe Heels, Bright Pink Lipstick

Whether it's Breakfast at Tiffanys or Breakfast on Hudson Street you'll look amazing in the Olian Black Ponti Maternity Dress. We love the classic appeal of this look. A little black maternity dress and pearls will never go out of style. Look chic yet trendy this year with this maternity look. The Olian Herringbone Jacket is the perfect addition. The black and white pattern is classic, this maternity coat is sure to make heads turn as you walk down the block. Don't forget to accent your Audrey Hepburn look with chunky pearls, a sexy heel and finish it off with a bright colored lipstick.