Belly Craves

1. Plush Fleece Lined Overbelly Legging 2. Little Giraffe Box of Socks 3. Serendipity Frozen Hot Chocolate 4. Essie Chinchilly 5. Bellyssima Scarf Sweater

Our Belly Craves this week is all about feeling warm and fuzzy. The holiday season is approaching and we want to put on a soft maternity sweater and curl up with a cup of cocoa. We're in love with the Bellyssima Scarf Maternity Sweater because it is feathery soft and super stylish. If you're a fan of wearing maternity tunics or maternity dresses then you need the Plush Fleece Lined Maternity Leggings. They'll keep you extra warm this winter. Looking for the perfect baby gift? The Little Giraffe Box of Socks is perfect for your favorite little one. They're so fuzzy and soft you'll want some of your own.