Favorite Item of the Week: Vacation Bound

For many of us, Spring is the perfect time to take a vacation. Whether you are traveling to the Greek Isles, Hawaii, Florida, or the next town over, it is essential to have a few ultra flattering, yet comfy pieces of clothing that you can wear and wear again. Lets talk essential clothing qualities: lightweight, supportive, versatile, comfortable, and colorful (why not? your on vacation!) Most of us are guilty of over packing, and wearing maybe 25% of what's in our luggage, with the rational of  " I need to have options." Of course you do, and at Belly Dance Maternity we we've got you covered from A-Z.

It is essential to have the basics. Maternity Swimwear is at the top of our list, and while a basic black bathing suit is always an option, we recommend this O Ring Tankini by Maternal America. It's got color, coverage, and style.

Make sure to have a few maternity tops and maternity bottoms that can be worn together in order to create different looks, and keep it fresh. Also, dresses are a great one piece way to spend the day in style. Here are a few of our favorites. We hope you'll love them too.


Remeber to have fun, relax, and bring plenty of accessories to jazz up your vacation style.