Pregnancy: Myth vs Truth

There are so many pregnancy myths and old wives' tales out there. Some have a basis of truth, some are terrifying and some are completely hilarious. Every week at Belly Dance Maternity we're going to take a little tid bit about pregnancy and let you know if it's true or a myth.

First up, if you have morning sickness you're having a girl. MYTH. It is true that many women are unfortunately afflicting with morning sickness, but this will not help you determine the sex of your baby. The term morning sickness is also very deceiving because most women feel nauseous all day long. Most of the time this doesn't last the entire pregnancy, but it is one of the least favorite parts of the first trimester. If you're one of the unlucky ducks that's constantly running to a bathroom give Preggie Pop Drops a try. They're a sour candy that helps ease queasiness and also tastes delicious. Definitely a must have for an upset tummy!