Stay in Shape in Style

Although many women use their pregnancy as an opportunity to eat lots of yummy, bad for you foods it's still important to stay active. Whether you're a yoga guru or you just want to enjoy a nice stroll by the river you're sure to feel comfortable and stylish in the new work out brand Fit2BMom.

The Two Tone Criss Cross Maternity Top by FIT2BMom is not only sleek, but it's comfortable and provides great support. You'll love how the supplex blend fabric holds its shape so that you can continue to wear it even after you've had your baby.

Pair your Two Tone Criss Cross Maternity Top with the Navy Capri Workout Pant. This maternity pant is made out of the same fabulous supplex blend fabric so you'll have plenty of stretch, but won't have to worry about your maternity pants falling down. You'll also love the option to wear this maternity pant with the band over or under your belly.