Bundle Up Baby

Whether you're in the midwest or the northeast you can certainly agree that it's cold out there. You might be spending a lot of your time cooped up inside with your new baby, but that can get tiring for mommy and baby. Check out all of our great winter baby gear that will allow you to go out and explore while keeping baby toasty warm.

Slip your little one inside the Dwell Bundle Bag and you can be assured that they will not only be warm and cozy, but that they'll fall asleep in no time

The Angel Dear Faux Suede Jackets are perfect for the winter. They are soft and warm, but also incredibly cute and stylish.

The Bundle Me Hat is one of our favorite baby accessories. We all know how babies love to pull off their hats, the Bundle Me Hat has a great fit to insure that it stays put. It's warm plush sherling material also guarantees that you're little one stays warm.