Rocker Babes

Is your little one already a rockstar? Do you dream of your child being the lead singer of a rock n' roll band? Then you must check out these absolutely adorable items, sure to turn your child into the rocker they were meant to be!

Appaman Superbolt Polo: This cute polo lightning bolt polo tee by Appaman is sure to make the little boy in your life a true punk rocker! With a metallic bolt design, this shirt is too cool for school.

Baby Legs Jolly Jack and Jolly Jill: Deisgned to help cushion your toddlers knees when they fall, Baby Legs has created the Jolly Jack and Jolly Jill styles for the ultimate hipster baby. These will surely keep your baby walking, dancing, and rocking in style!


Rockabye CD's: Transforming your favorite rock tunes into hardcore lullabys, Rockabye CD's are the essential item to own for all babies and their inner rockstar. Choose from bands such as Metallica, U2, The Beatles, and Bob Marley to get your little one's booty shaking! 


Nest Black Satchel Diaper Bag: Although this is more for you than your rocker babe, this studded leather bag by Nest is sure to keep you the rock goddess you were meant to be! If you can't let go of your favorite leather motorcyle jacket from the past, this diaper bag will help you stay eternally hip.