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When you're thinking about what to get for that big upcoming baby shower or maternity celebration, getting some wonderful gifts for the new or expecting mother (clothes, cosmetics, jewelry, etc.) might be your first thought. And it's a good one! But you should also think about shopping for some great gifts for the baby on the way. Now, that can mean one of two things: 1) Gifts for baby, meaning actual toys, books and clothes for the child that's on the way, and 2) Gifts for taking care of the baby - like diaper bags and nursing covers.

At Belly Dance we've made it a priority to curate plenty of both for our online store. Here you'll find everything you need to keep a new baby cute, put together and entertained. You'll also find everything new moms crave for taking care of the newborn - towels, dishware, and much more. Everything you see here is a product of some of the best design and style minds in the maternity industry - at Belly Dance we believe in bringing style and verve to every part of the maternity and nursing process.